Creswell Middle School Board Report

April 7, 2004


Enrollment – 294 Students

                                        6th Boys   38        Girls    57

                                        7th Boys   50        Girls    52

                                        8th Boys   46        Girls    51


6th Grade – will participate in Forest Field Day on May 11th.


7th Grade – will be do service learning projects between May 3rd and 7th.


8th Grade – will complete their State Assessments by Friday.  They were tested in mathematics, reading and literature and science.


Spirit Week – was held prior to Spring Vacation.  Students and staff enjoyed the dress-up days and activities.


Band Performance – A Canadian High School Band that is traveling to California is going to stop by this Friday and perform a concert for our students and staff.


Back to School – We will be celebrating Back to School Week on April 28th.  Students will invite adults to come to school for the morning.  We will have a reception in the library, a band performance and interesting class lessons.  We are also hoping to honor Bev Taylor on the evening of April 28th by naming our library after her. Scott Woodland is making a nice library case.


Move Up Day – was held on April 1st.  Our 8th graders spent the afternoon at CHS. The 5th graders came over for lunch and participated in a four-session rotation, which included PE information, Growl DVD, Questions and Answers and a School Tour.  All students received a packet with information to take home and share with their parents.


CSR Grant – (Comprehensive School Reform) The team will meet with Grace LeBlanc, our outside consultant on April 19th and 20th to prepare for our spring presentation and to apply for an additional $16,000 this summer.


EBS Team – will meet at the ESD on Tuesday, April 27, 2004 to plan boosters for the remainder of the year.  Boosters target positive behaviors.  The behaviors that we concentrate on are determined by reviewing SWIS data. 


Accelerated Reading Celebration –Students that met their quarter reading goals will be invited to a celebration on Friday, April 16, 2004.


Athletics  - Track and Field is underway.  We had our first meet today!  It is great not having to go out and stripe the track.  Thirty-six athletes are participating in track.