Creslane Board Report

April 14, 2004


Calendar:  April 2, 6, 7 – Scholastic “Two for One” Book Faire

       April 6 – YoYo Assembly “School Is Cool”

                 April 12, 13, 14 – Parent Conferences

                 April 21 – CES Choir singing for Kiwanis at Community Center

                 April 26 – 30 – Back To School Week

                 April 27 – Smokey The Bear Visit

                 May 4 – National Teacher’s Day

                 May 4 – CES Choir: Music Festival at The Hult

                 May 6 – Emergency Response Team Training Workshop

                 May 10 & 11 – Title 1 Reading Parties



          We had an average of .89 office referrals per day during the month of March.  This is the same as the improved number last month.  This is quite an improvement over 2003, which had 1.19 office referrals per day in March.

          There were 16 office referrals last month.  The bad news was that seven of the referrals were from our notorious third grade, and two of those students were in a week’s worth of in-school suspension (who knows how bad it could have gotten).  Two referrals came from second grade, two from fifth, two from first and three from kindergarten.  We are experiencing fear and trepidation as this third grade group rapidly approaches the dreaded “fifth grade hormone change” (possibly can start in fourth grade-yikes!).  It would be nice if we could add another teacher to this grade level in order to separate these children more, but the lower grades are full enough we will need to place our allotted personnel to those grades. 

          Total year office referrals = 146

                   11 referrals – Kindergarten

                   25 referrals – First

                   38 referrals – Second (10 of which occurred during the first

 month of school before we added staff)

                   45 referrals – Third

                   17 referrals – Fourth

                   10 referrals - Fifth





We now have 537 students enrolled at Creslane. That’s an increase of 18 students since September.  Many families have moved away since the beginning of the year, but others keep coming in. 

Total Enrollment:  537 students

Kindergarten = 92

First = 90

Second = 106

Third = 84

Fourth = 87

Fifth = 78


Lunch Program: 

Did you know that Susan Ogawa gave all the fifth graders a school lunch at the Middle School on their “Move Up Day”?  This was designed to introduce children to the wonderful taste treats available when they purchase a school lunch as a Middle Schooler.  Thank you Susan.



Robin Breslaw’s mother, Mim Feller passed away this winter.  Robin, a Title 1 assistant at CES, and her family agreed to give Creslane any contributions made out in memorial for Mim.  Robin and CES will discuss how this money should be used.  This is a generous and thoughtful gift.  Thank you to Mim, Robin and Robin’s sister.


Fund Raisers: 

Cookie Dough:  Total amount earned for Creslane = $7,610.40 (that’s almost $1,000 more than last year!)  Thank you Creswell and Barbara Sears.


BoxTops:  This year, thanks to the efforts of Vickie Bowers and Jackie Odegarrd we have earned $933.92 this year, and a total of $2,709.25 over the last two years.


Read-A-Thon:  Creswell Public Library and Creslane Elementary each earned $381.65 from our Read Across America Read-A-Thon.  Wow!



Well, I’m impressed!  Another one of our teachers was nominated for the Who’s Who Among America’s Teacher’s Registry.  Jessica Thomas-Adams nominated Ginny Albright as a great teacher.  This honor is especially gratifying because it comes from a successful student who believed that Mrs. Albright made a difference in her life and is considered a respected teacher.  Only 5% of the nation’s teachers are honored in this way.  I have known for a long time that Creslane had a superb staff.  It’s nice to know that others recognize the same thing.  Congratulations, Ginny!


(It’s also true that Creslane’s principal received an invitation for recognition in The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who as a result of the success Creslane has attained.  However, I think it was a bulk mailing. J)


Site Council:  Site Council was postponed until later this month.