Creslane Site Council Minutes

Meeting: 10/10/06




Members Present:  Wendy Locke, Bobbie Magathan, Barbara Sears, Ginny Albright, Sherry Loenning, Lynn Robertson, Sean Ferrarese, and Jacque Robertson


1)  Breakfast Program:  Tami  Akins and Lauri Williams have been the morning supervisors in the cafeteria for many years.  Last year, we started the breakfast program in January.  Each morning Lauri and Tami would call for the Breakfast Wagon people to take the wagons to the classrooms, and the designated people or volunteers would quietly go get the wagons and leave.  This year the students are arguing and fighting about who gets to take the wagons.  It has caused a great deal of angst for the two supervisors who have up to 300 students in the cafeteria at a time.  Then Tami and Lauri started getting complaints from teachers that the wagons and their “drivers” were arriving too early.  They went to Susan Ogawa for help.  Susan made an executive decision to send all the children to the classrooms and the teachers could send someone back for the wagon.  Then Tami and Lauri got complaints that the delay was pushing the reading program back by almost 15 minutes, and students were mobbing the wagons.  Since there’s been no time for the staff to meet to discuss a solution, the Site Council members decided that each teacher needs to decide what they want, and let Ms. Robertson have their plan on paper.  Then Tami and Lauri can be “rescued” from all the hassles of the Breakfast Program.


2)  Parking Lot:  A concern was expressed in the Site Council’s “Suggestions for Discussion” envelope that during the kindergarten lunch time, parents are driving their cars down the “buses only” lane.  It was decided that Ms. Robertson will take her desk and chair out to the lane and conduct her business out their until the message is heard: “Buses Only.”  Hopefully, this will take care of the problem until the weather turns nice again when a review may become necessary.  It is amazing how many people think that rules only apply to the “other guy.”  They don’t seem to be thinking about the lessons they are teaching their children.  Maybe that’s why we are having so many office referrals. 



3)  Discipline:  Since the number of office referrals has sky-rocketed, it has been decided to increase the Mighty Mustang tickets for good behavior, and see if we can change this direction.  Since so many first graders were having trouble on the buses, discussion was centered on the job of bus driving and how “saintly” these people must be.  Even the teachers shuddered to think of one adult managing up to 78 students while trying to drive, remember each child’s stop, their names, and the different schedules that modify their drop-offs every day, not to mention the children who get on the wrong bus, or fall asleep in the seat and forget to get off.  Hats off to those incredible Bus Drivers!


4)  DIBELS:  The results of the last three years of DIBELS results were discussed, along with the benefits of the Extended Year summer program (hopefully finding support for a year round school calendar J), and the differences between DIBELS results and State Test results.  (The DIBELS test measures fluency and the State Tests measure comprehension skills).  Some discussion was held about the necessity of providing more comprehension lessons along with the phonics, since there are a number of very fluent fifth grade readers, who don’t know what they’ve so eloquently read.  Friday, at the State Inservice Day, the staff will be discussing Language Arts curriculum and what we need.  From the short, but lively conversation we had tonight, Friday’s discussion should be exciting.  Ms. Robertson wants to look at lexile scores to see if any correlations can be made between DIBELS and reading levels at subsequent grade levels.


5)  Lunchroom:  The fifth graders have been pushing the boundaries during their lunch periods.  We will be addressing that behavior.  There are over 220 students in the lunchroom at that time and only two supervisors.  Since half of the 220 students are second graders there is a lot of demand for the adults to help with opening ketchup, yogurt, pudding containers, etc.  This requires most of the attention of the two assistants.  There is a great deal of concern about the lack of appropriate supervision.  It was asked if any money could be found to hire any more personal to help in that regard since our school population is increasing little by little.  There was some discussion about student seating space.  Susan Ogawa bought Creslane three new tables this year, but they were replacement tables.  Creslane purchased two more tables, and hopefully that will help some more when they arrive.