The regular school board meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane County School District #40, Creswell, Oregon, was held Wednesday, September 13, 2006 beginning at 7 P.M. in the Creswell School District Office Board Room, 998 A Street, Creswell, Oregon,  97426, with Chair Thompson presiding.



                                                Mike Arnold

                                                Gary Clark

                                                Lee Kounovsky

                                Ken Leatherman





                                                Anne Freske

John Sells




ALSO PRESENT:              Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent

                                                Jennifer Heiss, Business Manager

                                                Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education/NCLB

                                                Joel Higdon, Technology Director

                                                Jacque Robertson, Creslane Elementary Principal

                                                Shirley Burrus, CMS Principal

                                                Jan Ophus, CHS Principal

                                                Marilyn Cruzan, Administrative Secretary

                                                Hugh Turnbull, The  Chronicle





                01.          Action, establish a quorum

Chair Thompson announced that a quorum of the board was present.



Pledge of Allegiance




             02.             Visitors:  Mrs. Thompson announced that if an audience member would like to speak to the board on an agenda item this evening, there are forms to fill out by the door.



Page 2 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-13-06


Dr. Stuber reported that Army  Sergeant lst Class Richard J. Henkes II of  Portland died September 3 during a combat operation in Iraq.  Army Private Joseph R. Blake of Portland died on August 17 in Turkalay, Afghanistan.  He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade combat Team, 10th Mountain Division of Fort Drum, New York.  Marine Lance Corporal Randy L. Newman died August 20 in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.  He was assigned to the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force of Twentynine Palms, California. 


                APPROVE AGENDA

                 03.         Action, approve agenda/add items

Chair Thompson added item 14Aa leave request and item 17A transfer request to the agenda.  Items 17 and 17A moved to 6A and 6B.  Mr. Kounovsky moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Mr. Clark seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



04.          Action, approve the August 9, 2006 Regular Board Meeting and August 28, 2006 Special Board Meeting Minutes.

Mr. Arnold moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Leatherman seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


05.           Information, Trustees Reports

There were no reports.


06.         Information, Supervisors Report

                                There were no questions on the Supervisors reports.


                06A.       Discussion, Transfer Policy

Mr. Arnold requested a discussion and clarification of the AR for the district’s transfer policy. Dr. Stuber stated that when he first came to the district he was advised by the board that out of district transfers were to be approved by the board if there was not a one to one exchange.  After a discussion by board members, Mrs. Thompson directed the policy committee to review and consider revision of the current criteria in the policy AR. 


                O6B.      Transfer Request

Mr.  Clark moved to deny Mr. Randall’s request.  Mr. Kounovsky seconded. Mr. Randall addressed the board regarding his request that his son be allowed to attend Pleasant Hill High School tuition free this year.  He stated that during his son’s Freshman and Sophomore years there was a one to one exchange.  There was not an exchange for his Junior year so tuition was paid to Pleasant Hill.   There is not a one to one exchange for his son this year

Page 3 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-13-06


either.  After board discussion, Mr. Leatherman and Mr. Arnold  stated their reasons for voting no on the motion. THE MOTION TO DENY THE REQUEST CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


07.          Student Representative Report

Leisha Price, CHS student representative to the board, reported on Homecoming plans.  The Homecoming game will be against Taft High School on October 20.  She asked  board members if they would be willing to judge the Homecoming floats this year.  A parade will begin at 4 P.M. on October 20.  The Homecoming Dance will be held October 21.


08.           Information, Business Manager Report.

Mrs. Heiss reported that the low bid for the freezer replacement was from Clay’s Refrigeration for $24,750.   Mr. Clark moved to accept the bid of $24,750 from Clay’s Refrigeration.  Mr. Leatherman seconded AND THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


10.                Superintendent's Report

Dr. Stuber presented the proposed budget calendar.  There were no questions on his report.




11.                Action, CSB committee assignments

Mrs. Thompson announced the 2006-2007 board committee assignments.  Policy committee members are Mr. Kounovsky, Chair, Mr. Leatherman, Mr. Sells and Mr. Clark as an alternate.  Negotiation committee members are Anne Freske, Chair, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Arnold and Mr. Clark as alternate.


12.                Information, CMS Bond

Mrs. Burrus reported that the bond committee will meet on September 14 at 7 P.M. in the Community Center.


                13.          None



14.            Action, Personnel Report

Mr. Clark moved to approve the personnel report.  Mr. Kounovsky seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.







Page 4 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-13-06



                14A.       Leave Request

Mr. Leatherman moved to approve the 3 day unpaid leave for Mr. and Mrs. Mercer.  Mr. Clark seconded. Mr. Kounovsky asked if this would be considered a break in service.  Mr. Leatherman amended his motion to state this is not a break in service.  Mr. Clark seconded the amendment.  THE AMENDMENT TO THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.  THE MOTION AS AMENDED CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


15.           Discussion, alternative education policies.

Dr. Stuber explained that HomeSource was developed in 1995.  The Bethel superintendent realized that there were many home school students who wanted to get services from a credited area.  The Bethel superintendent worked with the person who had set up HomeSource and with the Oregon Department of Education to allow Bethel to count home school students who attended HomeSource as their students. When students attended HomeSource, HomeSource received 80% of the weighted ADA and Bethel got the remaining 20%.  Last summer ODE rescinded that agreement and said that HomeSource needed to contract with or have approval from the district where the home schooled students resided.  Home school parents had to register their students in the home district before they could attend HomeSource.  The home district then received 20% of the weighted ADA and HomeSource 80%.  Last year Fernridge and Junction City districts decided to contract with HomeSource using the same type of contract sent to other alternative education providers.  Contracts were submitted to HomeSource and HomeSource decided not to sign.   As a result, HomeSource lost the students from those two districts.  Lane County superintendents met with Cliff Brush from ODE and alternative education providers in the area at Lane ESD last year.  Districts thought they would still be able to approve students to attend HomeSource.  In August, Dr. Stuber sent an email to other districts to see what they were doing regarding this matter. Some districts either don’t have a need for HomeSource, or have refused to sign contracts with HomeSource. This year Pleasant Hill has decided not to sign a contract with HomeSource.  Dr. Stuber said he had been approving HomeSource student releases assuming the district would  reexamine our policy this year.  In addition, this summer ODE made a ruling regarding HomeSource funding. The state told HomeSource that because they did not meet some state requirements funding would be cut 50%.  Mr. Kounovsky said he understood Eugene School District was establishing a policy on how to evaluate who goes to Home Source. At this time, Eugene is allowing students who attended HomeSource last year to continue for the 06-07 school year.   Dr. Stuber stated that in the past parents had the complete choice to send their children to HomeSource  because they went through Bethel and Bethel released them without any questions. Typically in an


Page 5 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-13-06


alternative education setting the district makes the placement, not the parent. Under the new rules districts, such as Eugene, are setting up a processing point at the district level.  Home school parents will need to come in and meet with a committee or an agent within the district who makes a determination if HomeSource is a proper placement for the student.   Dr. Stuber encouraged the policy committee to meet and review district alternative education policy and also encouraged Dr. Adler, a home school parent and a director from HomeSource to attend the policy committee meeting.  At that time, the committee could also discuss a policy rescinding current contracts.


16.            Action, approve alternative education providers.

Dr. Adler informed the board that she has been working with Chris Parra from South Lane to approve criteria as requested by the state to evaluate alternative education providers. Dr. Adler recommended approval of the list with the exception of the Center for Appropriate Transport.  Mr. Clark moved to approve Center Point School, Creative Minds, Looking Glass Riverfront School, Northwest Youth Corps, SCAR/Jasper Mountain, Wellsprings Friends School and Al Kennedy Alternative High School as the alternative education programs for the 2006-2007 school year.  Mr. Leatherman seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.   Mr. Clark moved to approve HomeSource pending final review of district policy and procedures.  Mr. Arnold seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


17.            Discussion, transfer policy

                Moved to agenda item 6A.


                17A.       Transfer Request

                                Moved to agenda item 6B.


            18.          Discussion, OSBA state convention

Mrs. Thompson announced that the OSBA Convention will be held in Portland November 9-12.  She asked board members to notify Marilyn by the end of this week if they plan to attend.




ADJOURNMENT     The board meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.




Dr. Rick Stuber,  Superintendent



Kathy Thompson, Chair