1..Language Arts scheduled review.Our first team meeting will be November 7th.I met with our ESD cohort and developed a plan for the Language Arts Success Team.



1.††††† Curriculum.Continuous improvement.No update this month.The Writing Success Team will debrief at the LA meeting the 7th as several of those team members are on both LA and Writing committees.The Writing Team recommendations will be acted upon by the LA committee. The Math Success Team will debrief in January.



2.††††† Facilities.Middle School bond.Weíll know the election results on the 8th and will meet with the architect on the 13th to develop a calendar.



3.††††† Facilities.Long range maintenance.No update this month.



4.††††† Student Services.HS mission and graduation policy.This group has been meeting and posting information/minutes on the web site.



5.††††† Student Services.HS drop out rates.See above.



6.††††Hiring Policy.Mr. Kounovsky convened the Policy Committee November 1st.We will post minutes as they arrive.



7.††††† K-12 extracurricular policies and practices review.No update this month.



8.††††† Labor Management Committee.LMC met October 18th meets again November 15th.Minutes are posted on the web site.



9.†††††† Negotiations.Board members on the NC attended OSBA Negotiations workshop in Salem last month.NC met November 1st with me and discussed some organizational issues.NC anticipates notice of intent to bargain from LUBC in December.NC will have a brief work session with the full board January 10th at 6:30 p.m. prior to the regular board meeting.



10.†† Other.