Creslane School Board Report

November 8, 2006



    November (every Monday) – Courageous Kids (Library 2:10-3:10)

                                   (every Tuesday) – Child Study Team meetings (LC 2:30-4:00)

                 Nov 8 –   Sexual Harassment Training (Library 2:30-2:45)

                 Nov 8 –   Staff Meeting (2:45-3:15)

                 Nov 8 –   Title 1 Parent Pizza Party (Cafeteria 4:30-7:00)

                 Nov 9 –   EBS team meeting (Staff Room 2:30)

                 Nov 9 –   State Records Day (no students)

                 Nov 13 – Room Parent meeting (Library 6:00)

                 Nov 13 – Title 1 Parent Pizza Party (Cafeteria 4:30-7:00)

                 Nov 14 – Site Council (Staff Room 4:00-5:00)

                 Nov 17 – Picture Retakes

                 Nov 29 – Dec 1 Parent Conferences


State Inservice Day Report: 

The certified Creslane staff stayed at Creslane instead of going to other workshops in the area.  In the morning we worked together to determine what school-wide math program we thought would work best for the majority of our students.  It has been determined that a good core program should meet the needs of 80% of your students, and that the other 20% will need supplemental material and/or instruction.


Using the Math Success Team recommendations from the 2005-06 school year, the Creslane staff had narrowed down the curriculum choices to three:  Math Trailblazers, Bridges, and the on-line Georgia teacher-created program.  We previewed the Georgia program and used it to determine its value.  We had sales representatives from Bridges and Math Trailblazers come to Creslane to give their view of the programs and to give us recommendations.  The companies gave us preview material to peruse and “play with” previous to our Oct. 13th meeting. 


During our meeting, the Georgia program was rejected based on the evaluations of teachers in the primary grades.  It was too difficult and required too many fixes to be workable.  The Math Trailblazers program was rejected by all staff as too complicated for easy use and incorporated too many diverse learning objectives.  Bridges was the chosen curriculum, even though the fifth grade portion will not be completed until June 2007.  Following our meeting, Ms. Robertson called/emailed six schools that currently use Bridges, some of which are field-testing the new fifth grade curriculum.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  The schools contacted were diverse in student population, some schools higher SES and some drastically lower than Creslane, but all in favor of the program.  One school even volunteered to become Teacher “Math Pen Pals” so that Creslane teachers can contact teachers who have been using the program with questions, ideas and/or problems.  Some teachers at Creslane use portions of Bridges Math now, and love it.  The program requires three days of staff training. 


Creslane’s Site Council will be apprised of the staff’s recommendation.  That committee will send its recommendation to Dr. Stuber as per Policy 11/11A.


In the afternoon, the staff reconvened after lunch and had a beginning conversation about our needs in Language Arts, and how Response To Intervention (RTI), NCLB, and a School-wide Title classification could work to meet those needs.  We began by looking at data from DIBELS, lexile levels, State Test results and Learner Outcome data.  We discussed if and how we could compare the different results, considering that each test assesses different things.  For example, DIBELS tests fluency and the State Tests assess comprehension.  There was also discussion about the validity of the different data sources we were using.  It was decided that to make really good decisions based on data we need to look more closely at individual student data and the progress they are/are not making. 


When we looked at the effectiveness of our schoolwide system we found that the students who are at the “Intensive” (meaning: are in need of substantial help) level in reading at the beginning of the year (according to DIBELS) are not receiving the kind of instruction they need.  Last year, this was a little more than 40% of our students.  We need to adjust how we are teaching this group of students.


All in all, this day was the best working time the Creslane staff has had in the last seven years.  We worked cooperatively, listened, shared and appreciated the skills and expertise of this incredible staff.  The day was full of focused conversation, laughs, camaraderie building, and product.  Thank you for allowing us this much-needed opportunity.





              September 1, 2006                                 October 30, 2006

Total:              576                                                        570

Kindergarten     75                                                                    73

First                 94                                                                      93

Second           108                                                          106

Third               94                                                            94

Fourth             90                                                            91

Fifth               115                                                          113




Although there were more October office referrals this year compared to other years, it was significantly better than last month!  In September, we had an average of 3.05 office referrals per day, and in October, it was 2.23.  There were 23 children in fights, 12 students who were involved in harassment, and 7 who were insubordinate.  One student had three referrals and eight had two.  October 27th was the worst day with eight office referrals.  Seventeen fourth grade students had office referrals.  First grade received 10, and third and fifth tied with eight.  Kindergarten gets the Mighty Mustang award with only one office referral.



June Colley received a “Certificate of Appreciation” for her valuable contributions to the EdTech Cadre last year.  This award came from the “Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum” and the “Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation” at the Oregon Department Of Education.  Congratulations, June!  Thank you for all you do for the students at Creslane and in Oregon.


Mr. Telfer has started the fourth/fifth grade choir.  They meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The transportation system has been very supportive and delivers our choir students home on the Middle and High School routes.


Bomb Threat:

We believe we have identified the student who wrote the “bomb threat” on a bathroom stall in the girls’ bathroom closest to the gymnasium Thursday, October 19th.  We have called in the sheriff’s department for confirmation.  As soon as they see the evidence and give us their recommendations we will call the parents and student in.