Creslane School Board Report

January 14, 2004




              January 6:  Behavior Support Team (2:30 p.m. Room 30)

              January 8:  ELL Training 8:30-11:30 (Lane ESD)

              January 12:  Foster Grandparent Training

              January 13:  Read At Home Minutes due

              January 15:  Behavior Support Team (7:00 a.m. Room 30)

              January 19-20:  Martin Luther King Day and Grade Day

              February 2-6:  Writing and Math Problem Solving Tests – 5th Grade



Read At Home:  For the last two months 192 students have been having lunch with the principal as a reward for reading at least 300-400 minutes for the primary grades and/or a total of 20 points earned in the Reading Counts comprehension computer program for the intermediate students.  Emma (last name omitted on purpose), a first grader read the most minutes with 2,085 in a four week period.

              University of Oregon athletes will be coming to celebrate with our students later this month for reaching the November reading goals.  We are looking forward to that occasion.


Discipline:  In December we had 1.27 average referrals per day.  This is more than double from last year.  Maybe 2004 will bring a change in our behavior….we hope!


December 12th Half-day Report:  (please see attached)


Site Council Minutes:  The January 5th meeting was cancelled due to weather, but will be rescheduled if the need arises.


Teacher Commendations:  During the staff Christmas party, “Krashing Kevin Killwalski” (alias: Kevin Rothaar) was awarded the Grand Champion for the first annual Teacher Chair Racing event.  Second place went to “Beaver Fever” (Ginny Albright).  Other contestants, “Kamakazee Jane, Delirious Dorothy, Fast and Furious Fenley, Helen Wheels, Mary Lou Who, and Priddle the Puddle Jumper” all declared the race rigged and called for a re-trial next year.

ELL Training:  Kelly Medina is in charge of helping the training of four Creslane teachers in the most recent research and techniques to teach our English Language Learners.  Laura Bruni, Mary Lou Christiansen, Fran Waller and Kevin Rothaar will receive training this year through a grant.  This grant will provide for the professional development needed by these classroom teachers to provide EL Learners with acquisition of English.


Toys for Tots:  Three incredible contributions were made to the Creslane children the week before Winter Break.  KNND radio station made a contribution of toys they had collected through December. The University of Oregon’s Karen Nelson, organized a pre-basketball game “toy collection” which was shared between Creslane and a Hispanic organization in Eugene.  (Karen’s husband, Tom, owns T.J.’s Restaruant.  He first suggested that some of the toys go to the Creswell community because of its low economic status. Then Karen and I made contact because she helps to organize the athletes with community services - such as celebrating with Creslane students for accomplishing reading goals.)  Connie Dersham added to these contributions with her collection of toys and games.  We were able to brighten the holidays for many, many of our children.  We connected these wonderful prizes with our Mighty Mustang program, thereby increasing ownership and pride as the children received recognition for their accomplishments and a beautiful gift.  What a grand way to end the 2003 portion of the school year!


SELCO Grants:  Three grants of $250 each were awarded to Creslane.  Betsy Priddle wrote a grant proposal for a supplemental kindergarten reading program that is a pre-cursor to ReadWell, our adopted reading program.  Stephanie Curtis wrote a proposal to add to her independent reading program, “Books in Tubs”.  Jacque Robertson and Amber-Dawn Krupicka wrote a grant to help educate students on diabetes, which is becoming a bigger and more common occurrence in our school.


Box Tops for Education:  Thanks to the heroic efforts of Vicky Bowers, Jackie Oddergard, Lou Westbank, and all contributors Creslane earned $882.64 this past pay period.  This was the amount we earned prior to October 31.  It is amazing how much can be earned from those little tiny pieces of cardboard.  The next pay period is May 15, 2004.



Total = 523 

              Kindergarten = 89

              First Grade = 86

              Second Grade = 106

              Third Grade = 78

              Fourth Grade = 88

              Fifth Grade = 76



Creslane Elementary School

December 12th Half-Day Inservice Report


Data from the Oregon Report Card (2002-03 information), the Adequate Yearly Progress Report (NCLB), and the State Assessment Scores were evaluated to determine stronger and weaker areas of student achievement in Language Arts at Creslane.  The District Language Arts Curriculum Assessments are still in the “work in progress” stage, and we have no data to analyze from last year.


It was determined by the classroom teachers that students at Creslane have strong reading scores.  We achieved scores above the expectations of all reports.  The target for No Child Left Behind (NCLB), also known as the Adequate Yearly Progress Report, for last year was that 40% of all students would meet or exceed the benchmarks.  Creslane’s status was 77.28%.  We did not have to show “Academic Growth,” because we exceeded the target.  The State’s Average on the Oregon Report Card was 82% of the students meeting or exceeding the benchmarks.  85% of Creslane’s third and fifth graders met or exceeded the benchmarks.  For the Federal Title goals we were supposed to achieve 68.54%.  Our 85% was above this level.  Even though these are great marks the question still remains “What are we doing correctly?” and since 15% of our students still did not meet the benchmarks “How can we improve ?” 


We addressed the these questions by analyzing Report Card data.  Our conclusions were as follows:


After analyzing three year’s worth of State Assessment data, it was determined that:


From these conversations, we evaluated our District’s Language Arts Learner Outcomes.

- third grade to include mastery of similes,

- fourth grade to include metaphors and personification, and

- fifth grade to include onomatopoeia and alliteration. 

2.  We didn’t have time to develop the assessment pieces, but that will be

 done during some staff meeting times.

3.  The lower grades will include introductory discussions about different literary elements, devices and forms, but nothing will be expected for mastery.


The opportunity to work together, discuss the benchmarks expectations as a total school and to evaluate our accomplishments in these large blocks of time have been invaluable.  The depth of the discussions, the understanding of the issues and the conclusions drawn could not have occurred without this time.   These discussions and focus give more value to our staff meetings as we work on these concerns.  Thank you for providing this opportunity.