TO:  Board of Directors

FROM:  Jan Ophus

RE:  February Board Report

DATE:  February 7, 2007


1.  The faculty will be meeting with ninth-, tenth-, and eleventh-grade students in advisement periods today.  The purpose of these meetings will be for the teacher advisors (not those who are paid stipends to work with classes in extra-curricular settings) to work with their assigned students on building their Career-Related Learning portfolios.  The students must present records of certain work-related experiences along with other materials to their Senior Seminar teacher when they are Seniors in order to meet the new diploma requirements that go into effect this year.  The Seniors, who have already taken first semester their Senior Seminar course, will meet in the Library as a class to plan Graduation activities.


2.  The Site Council will meet twice this month, on February 22 and 27.  The Council will weigh in on budget matters and on budget-related matters such as if and when to "elevate" a sport from club sport to regular sports status.  The Council will also review the effectiveness of our Freshman Academy and Senior Seminar courses as well as consider adding new classes proposed by teachers to the curriculum.  The Council learned at its January meeting that 07-08 will be a "status quo" budget year.  I will inform the Council in February that any budget items beyond the "status quo" will have to be placed on a "wish list" for the Budget Board and the Board to consider as the budget process moves forward.


3.  Forecasting for 07-08 classes will begin on March 12.  Our goal is to collect the forecasting sheets from next year's Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors before Spring Break begins.  Counselor Zacharias will meet with this year's eighth-graders at CMS after the Break.  We like to develop our class schedule before teachers leave in June so that they can prepare over the summer for their teaching assignments.  Budget-development will, of course, affect this process as well.


4.  50% of our faculty participate in "Edline," the system whereby parents, using their computers, can find out how their students are doing in the participating teachers' classes.  Next year, "Edline" will cost $1300.  The fee was paid by a grant this year.  This would be a new cost for us.  We may be able to replace "Edline" with a feature of Pentamation, the software that the District uses for a variety of purposes.


5.  Our students are able to take a Sociology and a Psychology course this semester for the first time in my tenure here in CHS.  We have two sections of Psychology with 16 and 21 students in them.  Our Sociology class has only 8 students at this time.  Both of these courses are taught by Mr. Kramer.  Mr. Coltin, who taught three sections of Senior Seminar and three sections of Ag. first semester, has six sections of Ag. this semester with enrollments in the courses of 20, 15, 14, 12, 21, and 18. 


Thank you.  See you next Wednesday.  Thanks for your support of our Dawgs at games, concerts, and plays!