MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”

to:                   Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report

date:              2/12/2007




·      Our District has a new additional web presence. is now our registered domain.  We are hosting it with one of our servers here at the Technology Department.  The Creswell Athletics website will prove to be a great forum for our District’s athletic programs.   The most immediate use will be for the “Bulldog Magic” athletics benefit-diner auction.  The web design class from the high school will be helping to design the site.       


·      Pentamation update –


On Tuesday February 6th our changeover to Willamette ESD’s Finance PLUS Pentamation component went as smoothly as expected.  This now puts both Student Services and Financial Services with Willamette ESD’s Pentamation ahead of our official changeover in July 2007. 


Worth noting, we are still under contract with Sungard for Pentamation services through June of 2007.  The original agreement negotiated in 2001 with SunGard by a consortium of Lane County districts did not allow for any early release.   However, an independent agreement was arranged between our District and Willamette ESD for us to transition early to WESD at no additional cost to our District.  The early transition has proved effective and productive. 


·      The South Lane County Fiber Consortium is gaining speed again.  The consortium is comprised of municipal and private companies.  Getting fiber connectivity for south lane county has been on again off again affair for the past 8 years.  Having a fiber backbone would provide marked improvements for the districts internet connections.  This latest push may have some “grit”.   I will be meeting with key people over the next two weeks.   The key issues that I will be bringing to the table will be the District’s overall internet connectivity, individual buildings connectivity and our facilities tie-in to any planned city/consortium fiber placement.   With a new Middle School building in the works facility tie-ins are paramount.      


·      US Daylight Saving Time is changing.  The start date and end date have been moved.  The US Energy Act of 2005 drove this change.  The new schedule will make Daylight Saving Time four weeks longer and have implications on certain District technology components.  The more sophisticated computer system will have software or programming patches applied by the Technology Department.   Basic equipment that would automatically update internal mechanisms to the original Daylight Saving Time will need to be modified or manually overridden.  Equipment like the bell/paging systems at our schools, the outside lighting controls, and computerized heating and air conditioning system at the Elementary School are just to name a few.  I will be working with the Maintenance Department to work through the upcoming transitions to the new Daylight Saving Time schedule for these basic systems.    



Thank you