Report to the Creswell School Board – February 11, 2004


Special Education:


Our application for an 11% cap waiver (to gain additional funds for CSD) was submitted on January 23rd. Thank-you, Marilyn Cruzan, for all your assistance on this project. Last year we recouped  $ 218,864 from our approved application.


I have attended several meetings related to the Lane ESD resolutions for 04-05. Ron Hitchcock, Lane ESD Superintendent presented a new model for service delivery that was accepted by all 16 districts in Lane County (no small feat). For special education services, each district received “flex “ funds to use in lieu of cash. When the “flex” funds run out (all but one district have expended all their funds), the ESD will bill for the difference on a quarterly basis. The Lane ESD is offering special education services on a 70%/30% split. They pay 70% and we pay 30%. The “flex” worksheet will be posted on the district website.


I am pleased to report that we received word from our attorneys that the due process hearing filed by a parent has been withdrawn. There would have been a considerable amount of time and cost involved in a proceeding of this nature if we had to proceed.



No Child Left Behind Act:


During this month, we interviewed and hired an additional Title 1 assistant at CMS. In addition, I attended two meetings on the CSR (Comprehensive School Reform) grant. This is the second year of a three-year grant awarded to CMS. We are now working on an evaluation presentation that is due in late May or early June.




I have attended four meetings during the last month concerning the Alternative Education Program. Topics have included: defining the courses needed to complete the 22 stated in Policy, possible reconfiguration of the program for next year, and program evaluation requirements.


Our Prevention Team (staff from all three schools) met on 1/27/04 to discuss concerns and issues related to substance abuse in Creswell.


 On Monday, 2/ 9/04, Joel Higdon and I met with Colt Gill (South Lane SD) and Lynn Lary (Lane ESD), to discuss our cooperative work on the Title IID Competitive Tech Ed. grant. This grant is due at ODE on February 25.


Respectfully submitted,


Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education/NCLB