Creslane School Board Report

February 11, 2004



          Feb. 2-6:  Fifth Grade State Testing in Math Problem Solving and


          Feb. 4:  CES Effective Behavior Support Team at Lane ESD all day

          Feb. 12:  U of O Athletes coming to celebrate with Read At Home


          Feb. 23 – March 5:  Cookie Dough Fund Raiser

          March 2:  Read Across America/Read-A-Thon ($1 per 10 minutes of





          Total School Enrollment:  530

          Kindergarten – 94 (6 moved in, 2 left)

          First Grade – 86 (2 moved in, 2 left)

          Second Grade - 105 (1 moved in, 2 left)

          Third Grade - 81 (5 moved in, 1 left)

          Fourth Grade - 86 (4 moved in, 5 left)

          Fifth Grade -78 (1 moved in, 0 left)



At the last staff meeting, we were able to determine what enrichment novels were being used at the different grade levels which were used as “read aloud's,” for lessons, were “sacred,” which ones had become out-dated and which particular books of series would be approached at which grade.  Now we know all of our students will leave Creslane with a good background in a wide-range of literature.  We had discovered through subsequent staff meetings after our half-day inservice meetings, that some of our students were reading the same books at different grades (not that students can’t learn from duplicate readings of good material, but it was frustrating to teachers to plan these great lessons when the students already knew how the story ended or worse when five of the students knew and the rest didn’t.)


Site Council:

Please see attached minutes.



Read At Home:

We are excited that University of Oregon athletes will be attending Creslane Thursday, February 12, 9:00-10:30 to play games with our Read At Home winners.  They have been invited to eat lunch with us, so it should be a fun day.  About 120 primary students will be participating.  We don’t know how many fourth and fifth graders we will have yet, but we’ll know by February 11th.



Progress is indeed occurring!  We are down to 1.11 office average referrals a day in January.  Half of the referrals occurred in the last week of January.  That was a bad week!


There has been a gradual decline in the number of office visits since September, with a slightly higher bump in December.  Again I say we are making progress…slowly but surely.



We unfortunately, have had the first vandalism in a long time occur at Creslane.  Someone took a rock and broke the north gym door window.  The good news is the glass held enough to protect the inside of the gym.  The metal casing around the window was dented and the glass was repeatedly struck, but they were unable to get all they way through.  We have also had people (I assume children) put rocks and sticks on the ground inside the door jams, so the gym doors would not latch completely.  They were able to get in one Saturday night and had some fun.  Thankfully, they only tracked in dirt.  We are now completely aware of this little trick and are more diligent in removing all debris.


Read Across America:

Read Across America is a day, March 2nd, set aside to celebrate reading.  It is also the celebration day of Dr. Suess’s birthday.  Last year, we held a low key Read-A-Thon in conjunction with the Creswell Library on this day.  We are going to do the same thing this year.  The proceeds will be divided between Creslane and the Library.  We used last year’s allocation to purchase books for our new library.  The pledges will be $1.00 for each 10 consecutive minutes a student reads.  Most of the classrooms are setting aside 30-60 minutes for students, whether they have pledges or not, to read on that day.  The library will donate a sucker for each child.  The library will also collect the pledges and then distribute the contributions.




Creslane Site Council Meeting Minutes:

February 2, 2004

3:45  5:00

CES Library


Members Present:  Amy Seirazaga, Kim Meyers, Lauri Williams, Sherry Loennig, Ginny Albright and Jacque Robertson


Agenda Topics:


1)  Leukemia Project – to do or not to do, that is the question

It was decided to do this “Pennies for Patients” project at Creslane.  We will do it as a school, with a penny jar on the counter at the office.  The students can drop their pennies off as the come to school, or on their way to their rooms.  We will send home notices, make “all call” updates to keep it on the students’ minds, and celebrate the total collection.  It is our intention of collectively doing something good for someone else and not making it a competition between classes or grades.



2)  HeadStart Playground - to do or not to do, that is the next question:

HeadStart would like to build a playground behind Modular 1. 


The current playground for young children is too far away and there are no classrooms appropriate for them any closer to the kindergarten playground.  The main playground close to HeadStart does not meet with policy requirements for their young students.  This issue is big enough that HeadStart will have to leave Creslane, if they can’t make a playground closer to their classrooms



a)  The playground would require about the same footage as our current

Kindergarten playground.  We would allow the use of the land for this purpose. HeadStart would pay for all the work and equipment. If HeadStart ever left Creslane they might leave the playground for our use.

b)  The running track and a small portion of the softball field could be affected.

Although HeadStart could easily rebuild the track around the play structure the playground would prohibit true softball games (Middle School style) from being played on that diamond.  Although I haven’t measured it exactly, I believe the softball field could still be adequately used for t-ball games.  There should be plenty of room for a soccer field even with the playground.

c)  There are many benefits to having HeadStart at Creslane rather than

 somewhere else in the community.


After examining other alternatives the Site Council felt the benefits of having HeadStart at Creslane outweighed the loss of the land required for the playground.  They suggested that HeadStart use extremely sturdy equipment, since many children will use it as parents watch t-ball and soccer games and practices.



3)  Lane School at Creslane – to do or not to do, that is the next to the last question

(Although CES Site Council had a discussion about renting Creslane classrooms to Lane School from Lane ESD, Dr. Stuber was able to find out this wasn’t an option.  If the subject reopens, CES Site Council will reconvene to discuss the option again.)


4)  Cafeteria Concerns – what are the questions?

Creslane’s cafeteria is always a subject for improvement.  Noise is always an issue.  If it’s too loud there are complaints and if it’s too quiet there are complaints.  If there’s too little time to eat there are complaints, and if the time is too long the students get too noisy.  We decided to look into acoustical tiles or alternative ways to suppress the sounds.  The students are well behaved, it’s just when you put 200 people into an area there will be noise, and when they are little the noise can be remarkable.

5)  Read-A-Thon on March 2nd – this is not a question


6)  Are there any more questions?

There weren’t additional issues at this time.



Dates of Interest:

Feb 2-6:  5th Grade Math Problem Solving/Writing Tests

Feb 23 – March 5:  Cookie Dough Sale

March 2:  Read Across America:  Read-A-Thon