1.      Language Arts scheduled review.Our first team meeting was held November 7th:we also met on the 15th and December 5th.Next meeting is February 15.We have had constructive sessions and currently are updating the scope and sequence.


2.     Curriculum.Continuous improvement.The Writing Success Team debriefed at the LA meeting on the 7th as several of those team members are on both LA and Writing committees.The Writing Team recommendations will be acted upon by the LA committee. The Math Success Team will debrief in January.


3.    Facilities.Middle School bond.Too much information to recap here.Look for the many updates on the district web site.


4.    Facilities.Long range maintenance.No update this month, see Business Managerís report for other maintenance information.


5.      Student Services.HS mission and graduation policy.This group has been meeting and posting information/minutes on the web site.


6.      Student Services.HS drop out rates.See above.Mr. Ophus also prepared a report this month on drop outs.


7.      Hiring Policy.Mr. Kounovsky convened the Policy Committee November 1st.We will post minutes as they arrive.


8.      K-12 extracurricular policies and practices review.No update this month.


9.      Labor Management Committee.LMC met November 15th will meet next in January.The Minutes are posted on the web site.


10. Negotiations.Notice of intent to bargain has been received from LUBC.NC will have a brief work session with the full board January 10th at 6:30 p.m. prior to the regular board meeting.


11. Other.


a.      I attended workshops on school-wide reading interventions, school designs to encourage walking/biking to school, improving my communication style, and working with ďunteachableĒ students from one of our keynote speakers LouAnne Johnson.

b.  I would like the minutes to reflect a pair of $500 donations; one from Mike Arnold and one from Music Counts! Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation.Purpose of the latter donation is for Creslaneís Erik Telfer to purchase sheet music and a symphony kit.

c.     The initial, formal step, of the 2007-2008 budget adoption has taken place.Mrs. Heiss has forwarded estimated revenue figures and cost projections to the department heads.

d.    Safety update.I am told by Mr. Shrives that the improvements to Harvey Road have been adopted by county transportation officials.Curbs and sidewalks will be installed from Scott Street to West Lane.A portion of the west side of Harvey from Nieblock north was traded for curbing and sidewalk on the south side of Nieblock westward to the edge the of school district property.The district has the option of paying for the balance, continuing to our turnoff and connecting with the existing sidewalk into the school property.I am going to meet with county folks to get estimates of our share and to look over the turn from district property to Nieblock as some improvement is desired there where vehicles occasionally drop an rear wheel in the ditch while executing a right turn onto Nieblock.Also, the developer west of the high school is required to run a curb and sidewalk to the properly line of the high school along the south side of Nieblock.Again, the district will look into a piggyback arrangement with the contractor to extend the work to the HS entry from Nieblock.Why donít they have to run the curbs/sidewalks to the HS themselves, you ask?In the first case, the project is a county job and the county property on Nieblock ends after Christiansenís property leaving us about 75í to deal with.In the other case, Nathan Marple is only required by code to deal with the roadway adjacent to his development.The board has desired a safe passage for students along Nieblock and apparently would have to pay to completely fund a full walkway on Nieblock.

e.     Good news.Paula Willis, who conducts talented and gifted workshops for parents and teachers has been working with a number of Creswell residents.She called this week to let me know of the positive feedback about our programs she had received from parents.She was impressed with our MS staff (some of whom have also attended the workshops) and their interest and capacity for working with children of poverty. She said that most of her workshops expose her to parents and others with lots of complaints about services, or lack there-of, and felt it worthwhile to note that Creswell Schools were the exception.