TO:  Board of Directors

FROM: Jan Ophus

RE:  December Board Report

DATE:  December 6, 2006


1.  Our parent/guardian attendance during Parent-Teacher Conferences, held on Thursday, November 30, was up from 18% to 22% even though we had Parent-Teacher Conferences on one day rather than two days.  


2.  During our Professional Day on Friday, December 1, I distributed and read to the faculty and staff district policy JFCF/GBNA and the associated AR and Complaint Form.  The policy concerns "Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing/Relational Aggression."  The faculty, staff, and I discussed the policy.  I shared examples of, at the time, ongoing investigations concerning student-to-student harassment.  I am confident that all of us here at CHS have a raised awareness of the issues that are addressed in the policy and that we all are better informed about associated procedures.   


3. Counselor Zacharias and I, as per district policy, acting as the "investigative team," are in the process of completing two formal investigations of harassment.  As a team, we investigated the two incidents thoroughly, decided the appropriate consequences, and informed all parties in person or by phone of the decisions we had made.  At this writing, I am about to begin drafting the "investigatory summary" for each incident.  When I have finished the summaries, I will share them with Counselor Zacharias, securing in the process her agreement with the content of the summaries.  I will then send copies of the summaries to Superintendent Stuber and copies will be kept on file here.  


    The policy AR requires that "Building administrators shall provide the Board with an annual summary of violations of this policy." This summary, due December 31 of the following year, will include number and types of violations as well as their summary of resolutions.  The above-referenced incidents will be included in the summary that I will provide in December of 2007.  I will review our files for 2005-2006 and draft a summary of the relevant incidents.  At this time I do not see myself able to meet the December 31, 2006. deadline.  I will submit my summary as soon as possible in January.


4.  Sophomore students are taking the state's math test today.  We are seeing approximately 33% of the students passing during the first round.  Mr. Jones and the math department decided to administer the "long version" of the test.  This version will enable the department to identify the "strands" within which students had difficulty and thereby the teachers will know where to remediate the students' comprehension.  When they take the test again, we expect them to do better.  Sophomores have already taken the state's reading test.  Approximately 50% of the students passed the reading test.


5.  My last report from AD Goldspink informed me that there are 14 students on the wrestling team and that an individual has volunteered to assist in coaching the team.  This individual, whose name I do not have at my disposal at the moment, assisted Coach McFadden several years back. 


6.  In addition to the information contained in this message, the Board will receive information from Registrar Henderer concerning enrolling and withdrawing students and information from Mrs. Jackson concerning student discipline.