December 6, 2006




To:               Creswell School District Board of Directors


From:           Jennifer Heiss, Business Manager



Business Office Report


  1. Enclosed in your packet are 3 resolutions and information regarding the bond.  I will be doing regular bond updates on activities related to the bond.  The first one is part of the packet.  The design team, sub-groups, and bond oversight committee work has already begun.  Dr. Stuber, Reid Anderson and I met with the City planners and Mark Shrives to discuss the planning process.  We are on the way to building a new middle school.


  1. The Governor has proposed an education budget of $6.06 billion for the next biennium.  Enclosed is the preliminary budget estimates that were given to the administrators December 1.  This estimate is very preliminary. The legislature will meet beginning in January and education funding usually is decided near the end of the session.  Both of the districts’ bargaining agreements expire this year and the collective bargaining process is just beginning.  These are both very large variables in the final budget numbers.


  1. The new freezer has been installed for Creslane.  We are working on wiring it to the fire alarm system so that staff will be notified if it reaches unacceptable temperatures.


  1. The Creslane boiler issue is being address with the assistance of Reid Anderson and David Bomar, Balzhiser Hubbard Engineers.  The first issue was getting the new boiler working which was done with by Commercial Air.  The next will be the design of a feedback loop to preheat the water and allow the boiler to work properly.  David Bomar has suggested a holding tank which would be mounted in the space above the boiler and directly on top of the damaged beam and Reid is in agreement with this.  David is working on sizing the tank now.  Reid has said that we will need to reinforce the floor for the tank and replace the beam before we install the tank because that new tank weight will be carried by the beam.  As soon as we have the design and costs estimates we will schedule the work to be done which will all be done at the same time. 



Please contact me if you have questions or need further information.