MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”

to:                   Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report

date:              12/11/2006



  • The implementation of our 2nd T1 (commercial high speed connection) line was completed during the latter part of November.  Resolution 1 funds from Lane ESD will pick up the cost of the second T1 to our District.  The additional capacity for internet traffic could not have come at a better time as the District approaches the influx of TESA (TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED STUDENT ASSESSMENT) testing.


  • Pentamation update –


    • December 1 marked our first day with Willamette ESD’s franchised Pentamation for the student service database.  The changeover was successful.  A few glitches were to be expected with such a big move.  The small numbers of issues raised have been addressed and are being resolved.


    • Worth noting, we are still under contract with Sungard for Pentamation services through June of 2007.  However, an agreement was arranged with WESD for us to transition early at no additional cost to our District. 


    • The financial services side will changeover after January and in the new tax year. 


    • A new tool that has become available with our move to WESD’s Pentamation is the “Parent Center” module.  This component is very similar to the increasingly popular Edline at our high school.  It will give secure individual access to attendance reports and grades for parents/guardians.  They will be able to access their child’s information securely over their personal computer from home.   It can be used as a tool to increase communication from the classroom with a student’s home.  We will be developing this over the course of the year with hopes for a broad distribution in the fall.


  • Website update –


    • The district’s website has seen a steady increase of traffic and use.   As of December 5 there have been 77,159 hits on our website.  The web counter was reset last August. As most of the student computers opening “homepage” points to the district’s website it is understood that a significant number should be considered “passing through” as a user opens the web browser to get on the internet.  Even with that consideration it is safe to say the district presence on the web is known.


Thank you.