The regular school board meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane County School District #40, Creswell, Oregon, was held Wednesday, November 8, 2006 beginning at 7 P.M. in the Creswell School District Office Board Room, 998 A Street, Creswell, Oregon,  97426, with Chair Thompson presiding.



                                                Mike Arnold

                                                Gary Clark

                                                Anne Freske

                                                Lee Kounovsky

                                John Sells



Ken Leatherman


ALSO PRESENT:              Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent

                                                Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education/NCLB

                                                Joel Higdon, District Technology Director

                                                Jacque Robertson, Creslane Elementary Principal

                                                Shirley Burrus, CMS Principal

                                                Jan Ophus, CHS Principal

                                                Marilyn Cruzan, Administrative Secretary

                                                Hugh Turnbull, The  Chronicle



                01.          Action, establish a quorum

Chair Thompson announced that a quorum of the board was present.


                02.          Pledge of Allegiance



               03.           Visitors:  Mrs. Thompson announced that if an audience member would like to speak to the board on an agenda item this evening, there are forms to fill out by the door.


Dr. Stuber reported that Pfc. Dean R. Bright, 32, of Roseburg died in Jaji, Iraq on October 4.  Pfc. Bright was assigned to the 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas.  Cpl. Chase A. Haag, 22, of Portland died in Baghdad, Iraq on October 1, 2006.  Cpl. Haag was assigned to the lst Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, lst Brigade 4th Infantry Division, out of Fort Hood, Texas.  Lance corporal Derek. W. Jones, 21, died on October 8 in Al  Anbar province, Iraq.  He grew up in Salem and was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine


Page 2 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 11-08-06



Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.



                 04.         Action, approve agenda/add items

Mr. Clark moved to approve the agenda.  Mr. Sells seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



05.          Action, approve the October 11, 2006 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Mr. Sells moved to approve the October 11, 2006 board meeting minutes.  Mrs. Freske seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


06.         Information, Trustees Reports

Mrs. Freske announced that the negotiations committee met on November 1. She also informed the board that there will be a board work session just before the January 10, 2007 regular board meeting. She asked board members to contact her with any negotiation discussion items they might have for that work session.


07.         Information, Supervisors Report

Mr. Hansen, a community member, addressed the board in support of the high school wrestling program.   Several Creswell High School students also addressed the board in regard to keeping the high school wrestling program.  Mr. Ophus asked the board for their input on keeping the wrestling program as a team sport this year. 


08.              Student Representative Report

  Leisha Price reported that the girls’ cross country and volleyball teams are       going to state.  There was a large turnout for the Homecoming Dance.              There will be a canned food drive beginning in December.  Student Council    members attended a conference in Seaside last week.


09.               Information, Business Manager Report.

There were no questions on the Business Manager’s report.


10.            Superintendent's Report

        There were no questions on the Superintendent’s report.




11.            Discussion, Middle School Bond election results

Mrs. Thompson thanked the bond committee members for their hard work  Mr. David Case advised the board that the bond was failing by 20



Page 3 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 11-8-06


votes as of this evening.  There are still ballots to be counted.  The Elections Office will update election results every day at 5 P.M. 



12.          None




13.          This item left blank intentionally


14.           Action, Personnel Report

Mr. Clark moved to approve the personnel report.  Mrs. Freske seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


15.            Discussion, 2005-2006 Audit Report

                                Mr. Clark moved to table the discussion.


16.            Action, Out-of-District Travel Request

Mrs. Freske moved to approve the travel request for Mrs. Burrus and Mrs. Jordan.             Mr. Clark seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.      



Mr. Kounovsky announced that the policy committee would meet on November 15.




ADJOURNMENT     The board meeting adjourned at 8:04 P.M.








Dr. Rick Stuber,  Superintendent




Kathy Thompson, Chair