1.    Curriculum.  K-12 Science.


2.    Facilities. 


3.    Public Relations.


4.    Staff.


5.    Other. 


a.    Donations. 

                                          i.    Lyle and Marlys Becker donated a copier machine to the MS Math Dept, and a fax machine to the Athletic Dept.

                                        ii.    Bob Jones donated a set of golf clubs and bag to the Golf Team.

                           iii. Jim Mercer donated a set of golf clubs to the Golf Team.

b.    Agenda items.

11.   Board leadership recommends an ad hoc Supt Search Committee (SSC) be formed comprised of board members.  The chair of this committee would be the official “point” person for the district with OSBA.  In addition, the SSC could work with OSBA to develop the community committee, which will work on qualifications, as well as the interview committee.  This month the board needs to compose a letter (sample attached) to prospective committee members.

16.   The Athletic Handbook adopted in June was to have some additional forms added in August.  If they are available we will have copies at the meeting.

17.   Mrs. Thompson is working hard to have a Booster Club Agreement ready for the August meeting.

18.   I will review the assessment results.  The board will get the summative material in an email today (11Aug08)

19.   The compensated committees are per the CBA.  A copy of the CBA Article will be available at the meeting.