1. K-8 Student Success Writing Team.An outgrowth of the Continuous Improvement Plan (developed by another committee).We hope to have a spot on the district web page soon with our goings-on.Rick Stuber contact.

SSW met November 2nd.Minutes will be posted on district web site.


  1. K-12 Student Success Math Team.Same as above for math.

SSM met November 2nd.Minutes will be posted on district web site.


  1. K-12 Fine Arts-Foreign Language curriculum review team.Per policy, the area scheduled for 2005-6 review.†† Stuber contact.

FAFL will meet November 16th.Team will go over recent assessment results and review scope/sequence/learner outcomes.


  1. Labor Management Committee.Per cba, details on web site.

LMC met October 19th and will next meet November 16th at 5:30.October minutes are attached at item 11 of November agenda.


5.LMC Contact Time subcommittee.


6.LMC Professional Development subcommittee


7.LMC No Child Left Behind subcommittee.


  1. Athletic Committee.Formed by school board, Lonn Robertson contact.

AC met October 24th.Minutes forwarded by Dr. Robertson.


  1. Middle School Bond committee.Committee per board goals, Gary Clark contact.

The OSBA Bonds and Ballots Workshop is scheduled for January 12-3 in Portland.Committee should select attendees and contact Mrs. Cruzan to get registered for the workshop.


10.RTEC, Regional Technology Education Consortium.Working with LCC to bring learning opportunities to CHS.Jan Ophus contact.


11.High School Graduation Policy committee.Committee per board goals, Freske/Ophus contacts.


12.    12.    Pedestrian safety.Committee in progress.

Report on progress is agenda item 12 in the November agenda.


13.Wellness Committee.Committee per board directive for policy input.Clark contact.Committee will have first meeting November 30, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. in the District Board Room.


14. District Safety Committee.Per policy, meets monthly to review accident reports and proactively improve safety.

SC met October 25th.SC will conduce quarterly safety inspections prior to November 8th.Next meeting, November 8th.


15.Above and Beyond recognition standards, Freske contact.

Mrs. Freske has drafted a sample proposal.Proposal was forwarded to the school board and administration.Mrs. Freske will update in Board Report.


16.Technology Committee.Recommended by SP Finance subcommittee

Finance subcommittee recommendations are attached.Technology strategic plan is also being updated.Technology Committee met October 27th.


17.Policy Committee.Updates current policy, codifies new policy.