Creslane Board Report

November, 2005



Nov. 7 – Palm Grant Workshops (1/2 Day workshops)

Nov. 8 – Fifth Grade Fieldtrip to Hult Center

Nov. 8 – Creslane Site Council (4:00 Library)

Nov. 10, 17, & 18 – Parent Conferences

Nov. 16 – School Picture Retakes

Nov. 16 – Mrs. Tharp’s Title 1 Parent Mtg. (6:30-8:00  Library)

Nov. 22 – Blue Three AmeriCorps Team Leaves for Disaster Relief


Nov. 28 – New AmeriCorps Team Arrives from Disaster Relief Assignment

Nov. 29 – Ms. Priddle’s Title 1 Pizza Party (5-7:00 Cafeteria)



Virginia Franklin:  One complete set of school supplies for each grade

Mr. And Mrs. Bernards = $200 for PE equipment/supplies

Mr. And Mrs. Connor = $200 for PE equipment/supplies

Mr. And Mrs. Westerberg = $200 for PE equipment/supplies

Barbara and Tim Jenkins = $50 contribution in lieu of fund raiser



Fifth Grade Students of the Month for the month of September:

Room 20 – Sean Champoux

Room 21 – Drew Pilson

Room 22 – Jennifer Dumas

Room 23 – Zack Parker



Well, this is what we get by bragging last month.  Last month, we had one of the best reports of average office referrals per day at 0.62.  This month, although not the worst, was BAD at 2:2 office referrals per day during October.  The staff and I have been unable to determine what was different that would cause this problem.  We did notice that injuries during recesses and PE also increased.  Is there some kind of correlation?  We’ll keep you posted.







Creslane’s Total:   566 (as of 10/31)                                                         


Kindergarten                  80   (16 per session)               

First                             104   (26 per classroom)          

Second                           96   (24 per classroom)          

Third                              88   (22 per classroom)          

Fourth                          107   (27 per classroom)          

Fifth                               91   (23 per classroom)


264 are female students and 302 male students.

Creslane has 64 Hispanic students, 21 Native Americans, 8 Blacks, 2 Asians, 3 “Others” and the rest are White.


AmeriCorps Team (please see attached):

They are here, and they are working in the classrooms.  They spend most of their time at Creslane and in the Creswell Clubhouse, the afterschool program for students in grades 3 and 4.  On Fridays they work on community and /or district projects.  Last Friday, they got wood off Jack and LaVae Robertson’s property to help compensate for the wood they will use during their stay at the VFW.  This Friday they will be working at the Creswell City Library cleaning up the back part of the property downtown.  We are so glad to have them!



We’ve completed our DIBELS scores for the beginning of the year. 


DIBELS is the acronym for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills.  This is a series of tests to help us predict whether students are likely to be successful in reading achievement.  The indicators are gauged for appropriate grade and time of year.  We administered this test to all of our kindergarten through third grade students last year. 


Review of Last Year’s DIBELS information:


Beginning of the year                                 End of the year

Third Grade                   49% Low Risk                                  39% Low Risk

Second Grade       36% Low Risk                                  45% Low Risk

First Grade           28% Low Risk                                  43% Low Risk

Kindergarten        24% Low Risk                                  25% Low Risk


The “low risk” category indicates skill levels are on target (this is a good thing.)  As you can see from the data above less than half of our students last year were on target in our primary grades.  Interestingly, even though our students are not testing well with DIBELS, 80.2% of our third students passed the State Tests. 


Beginning of This Year’s DIBELS information:

Based on our staff discussions comparing DIBELS, interschool reading tests and State Tests results, we decided to not test third graders with DIBELS and to wait until January to start the DIBELS testing procedures for kindergartners.  The DIBELS tests repeat tests given at third grade every year for Title 1 purposes, and the Early Screening Inventory duplicates the DIBELS at kindergarten level.  We believe using the time necessary for testing would be better spent in instruction. 



Beginning of the year                                 End of the year

Second Grade       41.7% Low Risk

                             29% Some Risk

                             34% At Risk       


First Grade           27% Low Risk

                             20% Some Risk

                             52% At Risk                                    




We want the “Low Risk” percentage to be the highest number.  Comparing the results from last year you can see that 25% of the kindergartners were at “low risk” last year and that number has increased to 27% as they moved to first grade.  This is good news because it shows that very few of our first grade students lost ground in reading over the summer.


This year’s second graders lost some ground over the summer as only 41.7% of them are at low risk compared to 43% at the end of last year.


To help our students achieve better reading skills, we are looking for financial help in purchasing the ReadWell Kindergarten Program to implement at kindergarten and beginning first grade levels.  This program is scientifically researched and deemed successful for beginning readers.  We were able to purchase one set with a grant and like it.  We need at least three  more sets to use effectively at these two levels.


Math and Writing Success Teams:

There is renewed excitement at Creslane as the two new teams have analyzed and discussed the successes and lacks being made in the areas of Math and Writing.  The staff is ready for something that will help the students learn and retain higher levels of achievement in these two areas.  It has been frustrating to everyone to keep reviewing things that were supposedly learned the year before. 


Fund Raiser:

Unofficial results from our Reader’s Digest Gifts and Wrapping Paper fund raiser is over $8,000.  Thanks go again to Barbara Sears for organizing, running and doing all the work necessary to accomplish this great feat.  We are trying to earn enough money to install sound panels in the cafeteria to minimize the noise that is created with 100-200 students in the cafeteria at a time.  According to our one report and bid we are about half way there.