MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”

to:                   Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report





·         Our Pentamation training goal is to deliver the knowledge needed to enable staff to be empowered when it comes to Pentamation.     


·         A recent 8 hour COGNOS training was held for core Student Services users of Pentamation.  Exit polls placed the training with high marks.  It was decide to have a separate COGNOS training for the core finical Pentamation users.  That date is pending.


·         The next 8 hours of training for core Student Services user has been scheduled for November 21. 



We held our first meeting on October 27th.  The next two meetings are scheduled for November 10 and 22.  The notes/minutes of our first meeting will be posted and emailed by Tuesday the 8th.


District-wide and ongoing activities:


·         District technology budget                                 Technology maintenance and upkeep


·         Curriculum support                                            Staff training on District’s technology


Thank you.