1.    Curriculum.  Doing some organizational work for 2009-2010 Science review.


2.    Facilities


3.    Public Relations


4.    Staff.  I have not seen a proposed MOA addressing the 12 days to be cut in 2009-10.  This may be added to the agenda if the Negotiations Committee has a chance to vet it before the meeting.


5.    Agenda items.

            12a.  Letter in board packets only.  Negotiation Committee to recommend.

            12b.  List of coaches attached to board packets only.

            12c.  Letter attached to board packets only.  Supervisor does not object.

            13.    Policies are attached.  Not codified yet by OSBA.  They will do that after the policies are adopted.

            15.     Handbook changes will be submitted by building administrators prior to the meeting.  Changes can be adopted in June.

            16.     No further discussion needed on budget.  Question was: given the accomplishment of April 29 Budget Committee meeting, are two more meetings as scheduled are necessary?  Suggestion was to have the May 20 meeting and if the committee’s work can be finalized to disregard the June 10 meeting and restore June board meeting to that date.

            17.     Discussion regarding the Finance Committee was whether the FC should be charged to continue its work with respect to the 2010-11 budget process.

            18.     Letter in board packet.  Request is to establish a sick leave bank of 20 days for an OSEA employee, and reconsider in September if apropos.

            19.     Mr. Clark wants to clarify whether the board wants any changes to the AD job description.  If so, should do that before the district gets too far along in filling the position for 2009-10.


            Contribution.  LaVae Robertson donated $100.00 to provide transportation for a field trip to the Hult Center