Creslane School Board Report



Calendar:    May 7 – Skeeter the Clown assembly followed by choirs

                   May 7 – TAG identification meeting

                   May 12 – CST meeting

                   May 12 – Site Council mtg.

                   May 13 – Staff mtg.

                   May 14 – Guidance and Counseling mtg.

                   May 14 – Fourth Grade Presentation (Wax Museum)

6:30 p.m. in classrooms

                   May 18 – PBIS mtg.

                   May 18 – TAG game night

                   May 19 – STAND assembly

                   May 19 – CST mtg.

                   May 22 – Sock Hop Assembly

                   May 22 – SET evaluation

                   May 26 – Move up Day for fifth graders

                   May 26 – CST mtg.

                   May 28 – Ron Rubio visitation

                   May 18-May 29   Creative Movement Classes

                   May 4 – May 29  EcoArts classes

                   June 1 – Grade Day

                   June 1 – PBIS mtg.

                   June 3 – National Running Day

                   June 5 – 4th Grade at State Capital


Writing Scores:

One hundred and twenty-three (123) fourth grade students took the State Writing Test in February.  Fifty-two (52) students met the benchmark which is 42%.  No one exceeded the benchmark.  This is better than last year’s 34%, but it is still not acceptable.  Writing is an area we are addressing as a part of our School-wide Title efforts.



Ideas and Content







Word Choice


3.5    3.56

3.5        3.52

3.49  3.46

3.37    3.36

3.65  3.67

3.62  3.63


Two different judges graded each paper.  They graded each paper on the categories as listed above.  A score of “4” is required to meet the state’s benchmarks.  The first score is in “bold,” and they are the average scores of all our students’ work by one of the judges.  The other judge’s scores are not in “bold.”  The average scores are very close between the two judges.  From this consistency we can deduce these scores are accurate and without bias. 


As always, “Voice” is our strength and “Conventions” is the weakest area.  This is very disappointing news, since we have been working toward better writing for the last four years.  Obviously, we need to keep looking for the “key.”



On April 30th we had a total of 604 students.

                       February, 2009                                 April, 2009

Total                              = 602                                                604

Kindergarten         = 86                                                 88

First                     = 91                                                 88

Second                 = 92                                                 91

Third                    = 109                                                         112

Fourth                  = 122                                                         123

Fifth                      = 102                                                         102


We started the year with 607 students.  At mid-year we were at 612, and now we are 604.  Our average enrollment is 607.  There’s been a lot of movement.  Our mobility rate is about 36%.  That means 36% of our students at the end of the year are not the same ones we started with. 


Lane Arts Council:

We have two different artists in residence this month.  We have Betsy Wolfston working with our fifth graders on a project called EcoArts.  It combines ecological awareness and the arts.  Betsy meets with each class every day for 20 days. 


The first, second, third, and fourth graders will be enjoying Creative Movement with Rachael Carnes during the last two weeks of May.  Rachael will also be working with talented students after school between 2:00 and 3:00.  These two artists are able to come to Creslane because of the TAG grant. 


School-wide Title Program:

We are beginning the planning step this month.  It will be a relief to all involved when we begin to put some of our “puzzles pieces” together.  We have identified our goals to provide quality interventions (interventions might include attendance, reading, math, behavior, etc.), planning time for all of us to work together with our assistants to review data and plan appropriate interventions, re-designing our pull-out programs (Special Education, ELL, Title 1), and improving writing instruction.



Our referrals increased during the month of April.  There was a nice decrease in March, but we held a really fun “booster” activity so children were working hard to practice the schools behavioral expectations to an attempt to win cool prizes as described last month.  April’s total referrals are lower than February’s, but the major referrals are higher.



Average Referrals

Per Day



February 2009

March 2009

April 2009

Major Referrals Only




Minor Referrals Only




All referrals





Please refer to attached chart to view Creslane’s average referrals per day per month per year.


Creslane Choir Performances:

Creslane’s fourth/fifth grade choir performed at Eugene’s Hult Center on the Silva stage, and made us proud.  They received 29/40 points for tone, technique, expressiveness, and stage presence.  They were commended for blend and balance, expressive shaping of phrases, stage presence, appearance, and their instrumental accompaniments.  The judge recommended an accompanist rather Mr. Telfer playing for the children…I don’t think he knows that requires money. J


Both choirs, the third grade Mighty Mustang Choir and the fourth/fifth grade Creslane Choir performed for parents and other relatives on May 5th and then again for the school students on May 7th.  We enjoyed their performances immensely.



The TAG identification team met and evaluated 8 potential TAG students.  After listening to teacher recommendations, parent comments, and reviewing testing results we determined that 3 students qualified for TAG, 3 were qualified as “highly able/potential for TAG,” and 2 were determined as not TAG but successfully high achievers.  It takes a 97% on standardized tests to qualify for TAG.


Creslane Site Council:  We will be meeting Tuesday.  Minutes will be sent out later.


Creslane Student Handbook:  Creslane has refined the discipline pages to match with our new “whoa” cards, but everything else is the same (please see attached). 


We will also be changing the information describing our Title 1 program, but that will have to wait until the program is defined.  I expect to present that to you for your approval during the June meeting.



Behavior Support/Discipline Policies

            Creslane is a Positive Behavior Instructional Support (PBIS) school.  Our discipline policy strives to be predictable, positive, safe and consistent.  The students know what is expected of them because the rules have been described, taught, modeled and practiced.


The basic rules at Creslane are:


            Be Safe

            Be Considerate

            Be A Self Manager


Mighty Mustangs

The purpose of the Mighty Mustangs is to reinforce the schools’ expected behaviors.  Small, blue Mighty Mustang tickets are handed out to students who are “caught” following the school behavior expectations.


Whoa Tickets

Whoa tickets are an intervention strategy to hold students accountable for their behaviors and to help remind students of the expectations.  Whoa tickets are issued by staff throughout the building.  The classroom teacher documents the Whoa tickets received by students in his/her classroom.


Major Level Referral

            The purpose of a major level referral is to inform parents/guardians of a major behavior issue or a continual behavior issue at school.  The major level referral documents the behavior as well as the consequences of the behavior.  Referrals are authorized by the school administrator and sent home. Parents/guardians need to sign the referral and return it to school the next day.



Individuals who follow school rules are rewarded with positive reinforcements ranging from praise to material things, and special booster activities such as a school wide game of bingo.  The effectiveness of our discipline plan greatly depends on the cooperation and support of the parent.