1.  K-8 Student Success Writing Team.   The Team met for the final time this year April 21st.  The primary recommendations from the Team are:

1        Adopt a K-5 writing curriculum. Address reading curriculum, which is a part of language arts, to insure compatibility between reading and writing curriculum adoptions.

2    Provide introductory and follow-up training for all materials adopted


3    Use outside experts to provide initial training and regular follow-up for writing teachers in best practices, including new resources and curriculum


4        Update writing learner outcomes/scope and sequence with committees consisting of multiple representatives from all buildings. Break language arts into separate components such as literature, reading, writing, and speaking based on the state standards.

5        Provide adequate resources, including training, to enable teachers to effectively conference with students. Class size is a critical issue for conferencing.

.           The full text of the Team report has been posted to the web site and will be attached to this report there.


2.      K-12 Student Success Math Team.  The Math Team held its final

meeting this year on April 12.  The Team recommendations are:


1     K-5 Math Curriculum adoption

2   Problem solving emphasis

3  Scheduling: a. m. math

(Middle school)

1         Math across the curriculum

2        Scheduling

3          Increased Problem Solving activities

(High School)

1        Improve mental math skills

2        Improve analytical skills

3        Out of class resources for students and parents

              a: Blackboard

4   Restore “math foundations” as precursor to pre-algebra


K-12 Vision

1.       Increase technology use

2.      Math immersion – math curriculum in district and buildings

3.      Integrate math to other core curriculum areas and electives


Professional Development

1.     Retention strategies

2.     Best practices

3.     Curriculum training, discussion

4.     Math videos for parents and students

5.     Practical application of math – integrated problem solving

6.     Blackboard project


Draft a Mission Statement


            Again, the full committee minutes and recommendations were posted to the District web site.


4.  Labor Management Committee.  LMC meets May 9, 2006.  Minutes should be available May 10.


5.  Middle School Bond committee.  Committee reports are on board agenda.


6.  Pedestrian safety.  Issues around safety on Harvey Road continue to be pursued.  At a county meeting on May 3rd an attempt was made to try to obtain a higher priority for the pending project.


7.  Wellness Committee.  With the adoption of EFA-AR, the WC is officially done.  Next year there will be follow up work as dictated by policy. However, this work will be completed by an appointed group, as opposed to a “committee.”


8.  Technology Committee.  Mr. Higdon has completed the Technology review and plan as proposed for the May agenda.


9. District Safety Committee.  SC met in April and next meets in June.  April meeting primarily reviewed and resolved issues related to the spring safety inspections.  SC will discuss the Creslane/DO access point in June..


10.  Above and Beyond.  A reminder that nominations for second semester A & B awards are due to the Board Chair.