Creslane’s School Board Report

May 10, 2006


Calendar:  May 2 & 9- Primary Title One Parent Night

                   May 5 – Kindergarten Registration (12:30-1:30)

                   May 5 – Friday Fun with AmeriCorps (1:30-2:00)

                   May 8 – First Grade Field Trip to Dr. Page’s office

                   May 11 – Last Day with AmeriCorps

                   May 16 – Intermediate Title One Parent Mtg.

                   May 20 – First Kayaking Lesson for Ms. Robertson

                   May 23 – Creslane Concert (6:30-7:00) Gym

                   May 22-26- Second Grade Field Trips to Dorris Ranch

                   May 26 – Fourth Grade Field Trip to State Capital

                   June 6 – Fifth grade Move-up Day to CMS

                   June 8 – Fifth Grade Field Trip to Splash

                   June 12 – Field Day (morning/intermediate, afternoon/primary)

                   June 13 – Last Student Day

                   June 15 – Technology Workshop for Creslane staff


Site Council:  see attached



Creslane’s Total:   558 (as of 4/30/06)                                                                


Kindergarten                  73   (15 per session)      58% boys/42% girls      

First                             104   (25 per classroom) 50% boys/50% girls      

Second                           96   (24 per classroom)  51% boys/49% girls      

Third                              89   (22 per classroom) 57% boys/43% girls      

Fourth                          109   (27 per classroom) 49% boys/51% girls      

Fifth                               87   (22 per classroom)  57% boys/43% girls

          TOTAL SCHOOL                   54% boys/46% girls


Discipline:  This is the most unique discipline report we’ve had since we started keeping track of office referrals.  We had an average of 1.26 referrals per day during the month of April.  There were 24 referrals.  The uniqueness occurs because only one of those referrals was for fighting.  Usually most of our referrals are a result of fights on the playground.  This month only three problems happened out on recess, in large part due to Jack Robertson giving us enough playground equipment making “sharing and caring” easier to accomplish.  Most of our problems came from classrooms and the referrals were a result of disrespect, disruption, inappropriate language and harassment.  We had more referrals this month in the category of “Other Behaviors.”  These referrals were things like an inappropriate picture, a student “flasher,” and a young man who tried to touch the tire of a moving semi-truck. 

          Percentage of Office Referrals per Grade During April

Kindergarten        – 8%                              Third                    - 21%

First                     - 17%                                       Fourth        - 13%

Second                 - 8%                               Fifth            - 33%


Scheduling for 06-07 Year:  The Creslane staff used the last two staff meetings to create next year’s schedule.  The discussions began with concerns and appreciations for this year’s schedule.  The biggest concern was teaching math at 1:00.  The students were unable to maintain the level of focus necessary for this complex and difficult topic at this late period in the day.  The grade levels liked many aspects of this year’s schedule and we tried to keep those.


Every grade level presented their most desired schedule.  Surprisingly, there are only a few conundrums to work out so that every grade gets the “perfect schedule.   We will have to figure out how to do lunch and recess since almost everyone would like to have lunch and recesses at the same time.  But as the staff agrees, we need to consider the academic desires first and then work the other things out.  Everyone is thrilled to have both our music and physical education specialists back to full time, to add another primary teacher to our staff, and to purchase needed curriculum.


Our next job will entail creating the drafts for next year’s student placements.  We will be sending home “parent request” forms this Friday and when we have all those back, we will begin our process.  The process includes balancing each class as evenly as possible with girls vs. boys, learning handicaps vs. regular education students, behavioral issues, etc.   Then we try to match the parent requests to formulate the classrooms that will produce the highest academic achievement possible, in healthy, happy environments.


Volunteers:  Creslane’s staff bought “Creslane Mustangs” t-shirts or book marks to honor and thank our frequent and consistent volunteers.  We bought 61 t-shirts!  What would Creslane do without the incredible effort and time these wonderful people donate to our children and teachers?  We are so grateful for everything they do!


Choir:  We are so proud of our Creslane Choir!  Our choir consists of about thirty fourth and fifth graders.  On April 18th they attended the Oregon Children’s Choral Festival at the Soreng Theater in the Hult Center.  The choir sang two songs that were adjudicated on tone, technique, expressiveness and stage presence. 

    Out of 40 possible points our choir got a rating of 35! 

Tone:  8 out of 10          “lovely sound, good blend” and

commendations on singing a cappella.  Encouraged more singing in unison.

Technique:  8 out of 10  great diction-I could hear all of your words.”

           unified in attacks and releases” 

           “Your hard work was evident.”

Expressiveness: 9 out of 10    “Very expressive!”

“More dynamics would allow for even more depth.”

Stage Presence: 10 out of 10   (this included musical selections,

appearance and accompaniment- Mr. Telfer played the guitar on one of the selections.)

Nice job, Mr. Telfer and Choir!


Anti-Bullying:  Reviewing our office referral data, it was obvious we needed to do some anti-bullying work with the students.  A small library of books, tapes and activities were purchased.  The staff gets one “anti-bullying tip, activity, and/or story” a week to share with their classrooms.  The first one helped the children identify what bullying looks like and the “do” and “don’ts” when confronted with bullying behavior.  This was a great reminder and kick off for the spring term. 


Talented and Gifted Education:  As our population changes and grows, we are finding many more high achieving students in our classrooms.  Through the recommendation of a Pacific University professor of gifted education, we purchased some books to help us more adequately meet the needs of students in the regular classroom. This will help whether the students are identified as “TAG” or not.


After-School Program (Creswell Clubhouse): Creswell Clubhouse started last winter (January, 2005) when our first AmeriCorps team arrived in Creswell.  At the beginning of this year, with the help of United Way, new AmeriCorps teams and volunteers we were able to make this service available for a few students.  Thirteen third, fourth and fifth graders met Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. The program has grown to twenty children meeting from 2:00-5:00 Tuesdays through Thursday every week.  Through the hard work of Laura Rariden, a little grant money and some donations, we were able to assign a University of Oregon student the job of running the Clubhouse until the end of this school year, with a very small stipend for gas money.  The future does not look good at this point for the Clubhouse’s continuation.  Laura is continuing to write grants, hoping to keep it going.  Thank you to all those people who put hours into the survival of this much needed program.  (Carol Gemmell was one of the volunteers who helped keep the program alive between AmeriCorps teams.  Thank you, Carol!)


Writing Scores:  An analysis of the writing scores will be coming in the next report – stay tuned.



Creslane Site Council Minutes



Members Present:  Bobbi Magathan, Angie Koch, Ginny Albright, Sherry Loennig, Lynn Robertson, Sean Ferrarese, and Jacque Robertson



1)  Budget Update:  Creslane has been allocated enough money for another primary teacher, plus much, much more.  It was explained that $37,000 has been budgeted for textbooks, $5,000 for library books, the Physical Education has been returned to full time, the kindergarten aide position has been included, and the possibility of another primary teacher.


Discussion was held about placement of the new primary teacher.  The first thought was to consider a first grade placement to improve the offerings to the children right from the beginning.   However, looking at numbers for next year another consideration was discussed. 


Currently, our kindergarten has a low enrollment of 73 making for class sizes next year in first grade at 18.  However, we receive an average of 10-20 additional incoming first graders each year, making potential class sizes of 23.   This particular group of kindergarteners is doing extremely well in reading and with social and behavioral issues. 


Comparing this set of data with our current first grade group, gives us concerns.  Currently we have class sizes in first grade of 26. They did not get Kindergarten Read Well and 43% have severe deficits in reading.  The first grade group received 17% of the office referrals in April, 19% of the office referrals overall, and we have several of them on behavioral plans.


It is the recommendation of the Site Council to place the new teacher at the second grade level next year.  This extra classroom will help these students get the boost they need before they continue through their academic careers.  This will create class sizes of 21 per class.  We will be able to separate children with behavioral issues more effectively. 


It was also strongly recommended that the additional classroom move up with the group to keep the class sizes reasonable as they move through the school.


2)  Proposed Calendar

After reviewing the proposed calendar, with the days set aside for professional development it is the recommendation of Creslane’s Site Council to adopt this proposal.


Some questions came forth:

·        Where are the five professional development days?

·        Since the parent conference days have been reinstated for the spring term, will we continue to have three report cards, or will we return to two as in the past years?  We generally have used the parent conferences in lieu of report cards.

Some comments about November:

·        At first, the whole Thanksgiving week off was a surprise, but when people reviewed how it went with three, three-day weeks, everyone agreed this was better.

·        It will be interesting to see if Creslane maintains the 95-98% turn-out for parent conferences, with the whole week off.


3)  2006-07 Schedule Preview:

This discussion was postponed until next week.



4)  Writing & Math Success Team Recommendations:

This discussion was postponed until next week.



5)  Wellness Policy in Handbook:

This discussion was postponed until next week.



6)  Grant Opportunities:

This discussion was postponed until next week.



7)  Administration Survey:

This discussion was postponed until next week.



8)  Free Breakfast Program Review:

There was a lot of discussion about the Free Breakfast Program as we look at the continuation of the program next year.  Each teacher has been adapting the program to best fit the classroom schedules and needs. 



·        The breakfast is interrupting academic time

·        Reading assistants are being used to help students with their breakfasts rather than working on reading while they wait for students to finish eating.

·        Children are becoming pickier about the food offered.

·        Garbage from breakfast food can be found in bathrooms, hallways, and on the sidewalks on the way home.

·        This is a parent responsibility that the schools are taking over.

·        The mess left from muffin crumbs in the carpets and spilt milk create a heavier work load for custodians.



·        There are seriously hungry children being fed.

·        Students are able to focus more since they are not “starving.”

·        Maybe, the loss of instruction time is being made up for the amount of focus gained.



Considerations for next year:

·        Feed the children in the cafeteria between 7:30-8:00

(figuring out what to do with tardy children is a concern)

·        Quit the program and go back to paid breakfasts only.

(those who are hungry will lose out)

·        Survey parents to determine their thoughts.



Creslane Site Council Minutes

(continued meeting)



Members in attendance:  Amy Sierzaga, Bobbi Magathan, Angie Koch, Brandi Hoffman, Lynn Robertson, Sean Ferrarese, Sherry Loennig, Ginny Albright and Jacque Robertson


1)  Soccer Field:  A request came from the newly developed soccer club, Mr. Ophus, Mr. Risen, Ms. Heiss, and Mr. Hull to upgrade Creslane’s west field so that it is suitable for soccer games.  Currently the area is used for practice.  The field is actually unsafe for even practice due to holes, ridges and its slope.  The soccer club wishes to even it out and use it. 


The field will displace two t-ball fields, but there is room for one of the t-ball field to be reconstructed just north of the soccer field, just south of the high school baseball field.


Parents commented that so many children play soccer through KidSports and YMCA programs that it only makes since to make the sport available as the students get older.


Staff asked if Creslane students could still use the field area during recess and P.E.  Amy Sierzaga commented that the soccer club fully expected the field to be used by school during the school day.


It was a unanimous decision to agree to the request and allow the soccer field to be developed for high school soccer games (Amy Sierzaga abstained from voting due to a potential conflict of interest.)


2)  Calendar:  It was brought to our attention that last week’s discussion was focused on a calendar that was not posted.  Although the Creslane’s Site Council still prefers the calendar draft being discussed through the LMC Calendar subcommittee, we did look at the posted calendar.  There were several changes discussed:

          We do not suggest any changes to August, September or October posted calendar. 




          Changes suggested for November:

The posted calendar includes dates during November that create a four-day week, another four-day week followed by a three-day week.  Our changes create a three-day week, a whole week on and then a whole week off including Thanksgiving.

          We propose:

CMS/CHS State Records Day (no school) Nov. 9

CES Parent Conferences                             Nov. 9

Veteran’s Day Observed                            Nov. 10


(This change is suggested as in accordance to the Classified Agreement  Article XIII:  Section C. “When a contract holiday falls on Saturday, the previous Friday will be granted as a day off with pay….”) Veteran’s Day falls on a Saturday next November.  According to the posted calendar the observed day has been posted on the 13th which is a Monday and the Records Day as Friday, the 10th.  We suggest these dates be changed as listed above.

          We propose:

Parent/Teacher Conferences                       Nov. 20, 21, 22

Thanksgiving  Break                                  Nov. 23 &24


The posted calendar lists Nov. 14, 15, and 16th as the dates for Parent Conferences.  After this last November with three weeks of three-day weeks and the complaints we heard from parents and teachers, we propose the above for better academic planning and implementation.  Having a whole week off for Thanksgiving could possibly undermine the great attendance we usually have for Parent Conferences, but we will make every effort to meet everyone’s scheduling demands.


          Changes suggested for December:


The posted calendar suggests Winter Break starting on the 18th making a two-week and one-day vacation period.  This change creates a three-day school week, a whole week off followed by a three-day school week.  We are suggesting a shorter winter vacation and increasing the Memorial Day weekend to a four-day weekend. 

          We propose:

Winter Vacation                                Dec. 21 – Jan. 2


We do not suggest any changes to the posted January, February, or March calendar except as noted above for Winter Vacation.


          Changes suggested for April:

Due to the large number of students (approx. 20%) at Creslane requiring IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and the number of students in the Title 1 program plus all the children with behavioral or academic issues, the Creslane staff and parents are requesting a re-instatement of two of the Spring Parent Conference Days.  For the last two years, we tried to accommodate these conferences during the school day, but it has required substitutes and interrupted class time to meet with parents of these high-needs students.  It has not worked as well as we had hoped.  (Parent Conferences are considered student contact days by the State- due to the overwhelming evidence that parent involvement increases academic achievement.) 

          We propose:

CES Spring Parent Conferences (no school)                           April 9 & 10


          Changes suggested for May:

The parents on Creslane’s Site Council were excited about the prospect of increasing the Memorial Day weekend to a four-day weekend to offset the shortened Winter Break.

          We propose:

Memorial Day Weekend                                                May 25-28


We have no suggested changes for June.



3)  Dress Code:  It was suggested by the Site Council to send home reminders about the dress code from the Student Handbook since the weather is improving and we are seeing a lot more “skin.”

          There was discussion about shoe height and whether revision of the Handbook needs to occur.  Some students are wearing platform shoes are dangerously high, but after reviewing the Handbook the staff just needs to reinforce the code more effectively.  Flipflops were also discussed, but nothing was determined at this time.  We will review this topic at the June meeting.


4)  Administrative Survey:  Ms. Robertson brought the need for a survey/evaluation to the table.  The main goal of the survey is to gain input for Creslane’s future and where the parents and staff would like to see it improve.  Another goal would be to help her improve in her administrative performance. She elicited questions to include in the survey tool.  The Council suggested using two different surveys, one for staff and one for parents. Some of the questions would be the same for both surveys.


Postponed until the June Meeting:


2006-07 Schedule Review

Writing and Math Success Team Recommendations

Wellness Policy in Handbooks

Grant Opportunites

Test Score analysis