MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”

to:                   Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report

date:              5/5/2006





o        This last fall an “all call” for volunteers for the District Technology Committee was placed.  Although membership fluctuated at times, a core group formed the committee.  Core membership included Jennifer Heiss, Sue Bowers, Joel Higdon, and Andy Kirchharr.  Input had also been and continues to be collected through informal and formal meetings with district staff. 


The goal of the committee was to review and update the District’s Strategic Technology Plan.  During the proceeding months the committee met and deliberated.  The committee’s revision of the District’s Strategic Technology Plan is in your Board Packet.  It is listed as an Action/Discussion Item on the Board Meeting agenda.  I will be happy to review the plan with you.


Some background - The last major revision of the Technology Plan occurred during the Strategic Planning Process where the School Board approved the document.  Since then, the Technology Plan has not been a binder on a shelf collecting dust but rather a dynamic document.  It’s the guidepost used for technology related decisions and purchases for the District.  


The Oregon Department of Education mandates the District have a State approved technology plan on record for compliance in various Title programs as well as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  Our current plan as well as our proposed revised plan have and will fulfill that mandate.   It also has been used to help achieve grants for the District, such as the multi $100,000 Palm Grant that is now in its second year. 



District-wide and ongoing activities:


·         District technology budget                                 Technology maintenance and upkeep



Thank you.

Curriculum support                                            Staff training on District’s technology



Thank you.