Creswell Middle School Board Report

March 3, 2004


Enrollment – 291 Students

                                        6th Boys   38        Girls    58

                                        7th Boys   48        Girls    52

                                        8th Boys   44        Girls    51


8th Grade – All 8th grade students completed the State Math Problem Solving and Writing tests last week.


Staff Inservice – On Monday, March 1st we held two half-day inservices that included information on Adolescent Brain Growth and the Signs and Symptoms of Adolescent Drug Use. The entire CMS staff and transportation staff participated in the inservice.  Karen Likens, from Lane ESD was our presenter.


First Semester Awards Assembly – This celebration was held on February 12th. Mr. Donner handed out awards to students that had achieved a 3.0 – 3.49 GPA, Mrs. Burrus handed out awards to students that had achieved a 3.5 – 3.99 GPA and Dr. Stuber handed out awards to our 4.0 students.  The 3.5 and Skills party were also held on the 12th.


CSR Grant – (Comprehensive School Reform) The team will have a workday on March 5th with our outside consultant.  This is in preparation for our spring presentation.


EBS Team – Has planned and prepared weekly boosters for the remainder of the year.


Spirit Week – Mr. Donner and the Student Council have organized and planned our Spirit Week that will take place during March 15th and 19th.  We will have different dress up days, a talent show, and a staff vs. 8th grade girls in volleyball game and a staff vs. 8th boys in basketball game.


Athletics and Student Activities – Fundraisers in process and coming up.

·        The Figaro’s Family Pizza Night takes place on the last Monday of every month.  We make 25% of the proceeds!  We just received a check for $262.50 for February.

·        We earned $807. 50 selling Krispy Kremes.  Our next sale will be April 9th.

·        The Boys Basketball Teams made over $400.00 with the bottle and can drive.


Track and Field – Will begin March 29th.  Kendra Prickett is our assistant coach.  We are in the process of hiring a head coach.


Alternative Education – A middle school program is being discussed.  We plan to visit Oakridge and McKenzie to see how they run their programs.  They have been highly recommended to us from the ESD.