Creslane School Board Report

March 11, 2004


Calendar:        March1:  Site Council

                        March 1-19:  “Acts of Kindness” Month

March 2:  Read Across America/Read-A-Thon

March 8:  End of Cookie Dough Sale

                        March 15-19:  3rd, 4th and 5th Grade State Testing

                        March 19:  End of Pennies for Patients Drive

                        March 19:  Kindness Assembly

                        April 6:  YoYo Assembly

                        April 12-14:  Parent Conferences


Site Council:  (Please see attached Report)


Discipline:  Finally, we have very good news to report!  The average number of office referrals per day in February was .89.  This compares to 1.11 the month before and 1.68 last year at the same time.  Yippee!  Some interesting observations show that only two of this month’s office referrals were from fourth and fifth grades.  The rest are divided by the first, second and third grades. 


Enrollment:  Total:  532 students

                        K = 92

                        1 = 88

                        2 = 106

                        3 = 84

                        4 = 85

                        5 = 77


The following figures demonstrate what class sizes will be next year if we use the current number of staff at each grade level.

            K = four sessions = ? (depends on incoming kindergarten students.)  We do know that we have 17 kindergarten students transitioning from EEP (Early Education Program) with speech/language IEPs.  This does not include HeadStart incoming students, nor the students from 5C’s, homes, or other pre-school programs.  This is high!

            1 = four classrooms = at least 23 students per room

            2 = four classrooms = 22 per room

            3 = three classrooms = 35 per room

            4 = three classrooms = 28 per room

            5 = three classrooms = 28 per room

The third grade classrooms are too high according to the Fire Marshall requirements, so we will have to make adjustments there.


Acts of Kindness:  This month we are having a school-wide “Acts of Kindness” event.  Every adult has little “high five” cards stating “You have been caught being kind.”  Randomly, I give rewards for getting a certain number of cards.  During the week before Spring Vacation, I will give out daily rewards.  This event will encourage adults to look for the good things students do, and encourage the students to perform kinder behaviors.  We have noticed the office referrals over the last couple months have been predominantly initiated with callous statements and/or behaviors.  We hope this new focus will turn us around so we become more positive and thoughtful.


Pennies for Patients:  The students at Creslane have collected $175.04 in the first week of their Leukemia/Lymphoma drive.  They brought in pennies, nickels and dimes to help children suffering from these diseases.  I am very proud of our children for reaching out to help others. 


Cafeteria Concerns:  We have been having on-going discussions on how to create safe, enjoyable lunchtimes.  To give you a historical perspective:  We have had parents call complaining about the length of the lunchtime (students not having enough time to eat), the lunchroom being too noisy, the lunchroom aides expecting a quiet lunch, and the aides always yelling at the students.  We have through the years tried a variety of methods:  we have increased the number of adults supervising. We have installed a traffic light with buzzer to indicate inappropriate noise levels.  We have given the students movies to watch during lunch.  We have given rewards to those sitting and visiting quietly.  We have lengthened the lunchtime.  We have changed from a lunch to recess procedure to recess first and then lunch.  None of these ideas have been completely satisfactory. 


An occupational therapist came to work with a student recently and suggested acoustical tiling in the cafeteria.  There is a sensory overload for our autistic children in the lunchroom, and even non-autistic children can be negatively affected by the noise levels and feeling of chaos created by the echoing in the gym.  (We have submitted a request for this item to the Bond Oversight committee.)

We are also implementing a grading system in the cafeteria that correlates with Oregon State Benchmark grading system (a 1 being low, and a 5 showing mastery of the skills expected.)  If at the end of the week, the grade level has achieved an accumulation of the appropriate number of points, an award is administered.  The expected skill is to keep the traffic light (with buzzer disconnected) on green or yellow.  The grade level loses points if the traffic light changes to red.  The first week’s award is a BINGO game during lunch on Monday.  It has worked well so far.


Creslane’s motto is “We just keep trying.”  (Actually, people think I just like rewards.)


Acknowledgements:  Thea Lee, one of fifth grade teachers, was selected for inclusion in WHO’S WHO AMONG AMERICA’S TEACHERS, 2004.  She was nominated by Victoria DeLeon, a former student who was cited for academic excellence herself.  Congratulations, Thea!


Read At Home:  Please visit the Creslane Website for picture of student athletes from the University of Oregon playing with Creslane students.  What fun!



Site Council Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2004


CES Library


Members Present:  Amy Sierzega, Debby Turnbull, Ginny Albright, Sherry Loennig, and Jacque Robertson



1)  Discussion:  “Dogs At School”  According to the Student Handbook “certain toys and pets m ay be brought to school it if is considered appropriate for ‘show and tell’ and acceptable to the teacher and parents.”  Although this procedure has been acceptable for many years, Dr. Stuber brought to our attention the inherent dangers in allowing this to continue.  Earlier the Creslane Staff met and agreed that allowing the visitation of pets can be a hazard and liability to our students.  An amended policy will be written and communicated with parents this year and included in next year’s Student/Staff Handbooks.  All Site Council members present agreed with the Creslane staff that we need to institute a “no pets around the school” policy (in classes, or at arrival/dismissal), with the exception of pre-approved educational situations: e.g. a wonderful owl presentation that comes to the schools that matches one of our first grade science learner outcomes, and/or work animals: e.g. seeing eye dog.



2)  Family Resource Center:  Clothes Closet:  It was agreed to contribute one modular to this enterprise.  Keith Tharp (a senior at CHS) and Leili Nichols (a community member) approached Creslane as an appropriate place to institute a Clothes Closet for families in need.  Several groups in Creswell are willing to provide services to this endeavor.  This behooves Creswell citizens and could be the beginning step toward a Family Resource Center.  There are several Family Resource Centers in neighboring districts and have been beneficial as partnerships for successful grant writing in those districts.


3)  State Report Card:  We analyzed the information on the recently available 2002-03 State Report Card.  Overall we felt that Creslane has done a commendable job educating its students. Copies of the report card are available upon request at Creslane’s office.  Appointments can be made with the principal to go over the information if desired.