1.K-8 Student Success Writing Team.An outgrowth of the Continuous Improvement Plan†† Rick Stuber contact.†† Final report made last month.


2.K-12 Student Success Math Team.Same as above.Final report made last month.


3.K-12 Fine Arts-Foreign Language curriculum review team. Stuber contact.Final report made last month


4.Labor Management Committee.LMC met several times over the year and had its last meeting in May.All minutes are on the web site.Plans are to meet again in the fall and see how things go as we approach negotiations.


5.LMC Contact Time subcommittee.Subcommittee was combined with the subcommittee listed immediately below at item 6.Minutes were posted and the LMC encouraged them to meet again next year.


6.LMC Professional Development subcommittee.See above at item 5.


7.LMC No Child Left Behind subcommittee.Subcommittee died due to lack of interest.


8.Athletic Committee.Formed by school board, Dr. Lonn Robertson contact.This committee is still active and is encourage to continue next year.


9.Middle School Bond committee.Committee per board goals, Gary Clark contact.Committee is still active and is working towards a November ballot issue.


10.RTEC, Regional Technology Education Consortium.Working with LCC to bring learning opportunities to CHS.Jan Ophus and Anne Freske contact.RTEC members continue to be active and expand offerings through LCC.Will be continued next year.


11.High School Graduation Policy committee.Committee per board goals, Freske/Ophus contacts.Committee remains active, minutes posted and will reconvene in September.


12.Pedestrian safety.Issue is somewhat resolved for Harvey Road but work continues for other routes in town.


13.Wellness Committee.Committee per board directive for policy input.Clark contact.Committee wrapped its work with adoption of wellness policies.


14.Technology Committee.Recommended by SP Finance subcommittee to be discussed 10/12.Mr. Higdon made the committee report in May.TC will meet periodically as the need arises.


15. District Safety Committee.Per policy, meets monthly to review accident reports and proactively improve safety.Ongoing committee, next meets June 13th.


16.Above and Beyond recognition standards, Freske contact.Criteria were proposed by Freske and board adopted same.Program will continue.


17.Policy Committee.Updates current policy, codifies new policy.No new policy this month, committee will continue next year.