Curriculum Update

We will improve student achievement on District Assessments.

In order to meet the goal established by the Creswell School
District of achieving student improvement as measured on assessments, the
components of this goal were identified for tracking on a month-by-month
basis.  They are comprised of:

1.  Content Committee activities.

The Social Studies committees are nearly completed with their
reviews and upgrades of the Learner Outcomes.  We have been working as
building groups for the past three months and will convene a district-wide
meeting next month.
I met with the MS Science teachers and as a result they are making
some modifications to their Science Learner Outcomes as the original list
had too many items in 7th grade.  The changes will not diminish the program,
but it will allow the teacher to focus on fewer outcomes and to cover the
material.  This change will also create a longitudinal problem in tracking
achievement, but we are early enough in the process that the data will not
be unduly distorted...better to make the change now.

2.  Staff training or inservice, to include:
a.  Learner outcomes
b.  Presentations to new staff
c.  Data gathering

We now have made physical checks in every classroom to make sure all
teachers have a grid for recording Learner Outcome results and to see that
they are incrementally making notations as the year progresses.

3.  Developing a District Gradebook
a.  Training staff to use the gradebook

Ms. Anna Davis has formatted the necessary steps for all staff to
record Learner Outcome data into Easy Grade Pro.  Thank you!!! Ms. Davis
will provide training for staff to learn how to set-up in EGP.  Originally
we were going to utilize Pentamation, but this has proven to be easier, and
therefore better.

4.  Recognizing staff and students
a.  Board presentations by staff and/or students
b.  Incentives for curriculum sharing