Welcome To the Creswell School District Curriculum!

This web site was created to publish the CSD Curriculum for staff and public use.  Curriculum is a tool that teachers utilize in their day-to-day, as well as semester, lesson planning.  We post the information here because we are proud of our offerings and commitment to educational excellence, and feel that our school patrons should have access to this document.

As you travel through the curriculum you will note that it consists of three major components: a) scope and sequence, b) learner outcomes, and c) assessments.


The scope and sequence represents the major topics to be taught (what is to be taught) and the sequence (when it is to be taught).  Each content area; i.e. mathematics, science, etc., is detailed in scope and arranged sequentially kindergarten through 12th grade.  You will note that not every content area is applicable to the entire range of grades.



The learner outcomes are derived from the scope and sequence and are expressed in statements.  For example, the learner outcomes for 4th grade math begin with the statement “All 4th grade math students will...” and continue to describe the achievement level required for mastery of the particular math concepts.  As a footnote, it is worth noting that the learner outcomes meet or exceed the standards required by the State of Oregon. 



While the learner outcomes express the expectations, the assessments provide a vehicle for determining if the students mastered the material.  Assessments will not be posted for public viewing so that we can maintain the integrity of the tests and other measurements used in the process, but they can be examined on request.

We have recently completed the mathematics, science, and language arts portions of the curriculum.  In time we will complete the remainder of the curriculum for every content area being taught or for which we have standards or expectations of students.

Curriculum development is not a static process.  Each area of the curriculum is reviewed on a scheduled basis and information we will accumulate and aggregate from the assessments shall enable us to improve the content and delivery of instruction. 



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