Text Box: Creswell School District 40                                                                                                                  Code:   BDD

                                                                                                             Adopted:   3/95

                                                                                            Revised/Readopted:   4/8/98

                                                                                                      Orig. Code(s):   BDD


                                                           Board Meeting Procedures



The Board shall take action only when it is in regular or special session and with a quorum present and the proceedings recorded in the minutes of the meeting as required.




A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum.  A smaller number may meet and adjourn from time to time and compel the presence of absent members.


A quorum will consist of the majority of the Board members




Voting shall be by voice or hand and the vote of each member shall be recorded in the minutes.  The presiding officer shall be a voting member on all motions brought before the Board.  A vote of four or more is required to pass a motion.


Vote Needed for Exercise


The affirmative vote of a majority of Board members will be necessary for exercising any of the Board’s powers.


Abstaining from Vote


If a Board member chooses to abstain from voting, such abstention will be recorded.


Parliamentary Order


"Robert's Rules of Order - Newly Revised, Procedure for Small Boards" is the parliamentary procedure applicable at all meetings.  The Board chairperson may be a participating member in all discussions, may initiate or second motions for Board consideration and vote on all questions.


Parliamentary Procedure


Official Board business will be transacted by motion or resolution at duly called regular or special meetings.


Except as other wise provided by state law and/or Board policy, the rules of parliamentary procedure comprised in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, “Procedure in Small Boards” as modified by the Board will govern the Board in its deliberation.  Modifications will include the following:  Motions will all be seconded prior to consideration for discussion by the Board and motions to close or limit debate will be acceptable.


The chair will decide all questions relative to points of order, subject to an appeal to the Board.






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