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                                                                  Academic Integrity



The Board believes that students should strive to achieve their academic goals.  This objective is accomplished through honest and diligent effort by students to understand the subject matter, themselves and the world in which they live.  The Board desires to encourage the development of critical thinking skills in students, to show them the benefits of setting and accomplishing goals and to help the student realize the satisfaction and reward of learning.


Students are expected to put forth their best effort on tests and assignments.  Students are expected to demonstrate respect toward their instructors and peers by encouraging and facilitating learning.  Engaging in various forms of cheating or academic dishonesty does not permit students to realize the full extent of the educational experience or their full academic potential.


Students are encouraged to converse with others and assist other students when it is in a manner that is not inconsistent with testing or assignment instructions.  This dialogue or exchange of ideas both inside and outside the classroom helps facilitate learning by everyone.  Assisting others is prohibited, however, when it would constitute academic dishonesty.  Prohibited events include, but are not limited to, using or sharing prohibited study aides or other written materials on tests or assignment.  Academic dishonesty also includes sharing, collaborating or communicating with others on tests or assignments, before or during tests or assignments, in violation of directions by the class instructor.  Academic dishonesty may also include knowingly sharing false information or knowingly misleading another to reach a false answer or conclusion.  Furthermore, students are expected to put forth their best effort and not deliberately underperform on tests or assignments.


Violation of this policy may result in discipline as deemed appropriate by the instructor or administration, based on the nature and seriousness of the offense.  Discipline may involve the district prohibiting the student from participating in school-sponsored activities or events; denial or revocation of school-conferred titles, distinctions, honors or privileges; or suspension or expulsion.





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