Text Box: Oregon School Boards Association Selected Sample Policy                                                                                                                  Code:   IGBHE-AR(3)





                                               Expanded Options Program Checklist  



Each school year, the district will ensure that the following protocol is followed:


      Review and make any updates to the letter that each high school principal will send at the end of the year by                                                           .



       Review and enter into any agreements with eligible institutions by                                                       .



      Compile list of all resident students who have dropped out and eligible for EOP and confirm their last known address by                                                         .



      Send notification letter to all “eligible students,” and to students who have dropped out at their last known address by                                                         , but no later than February 1st.



      Review all student notifications submitted before March 1st.


      Review all notices of acceptance from post-secondary institutions sent to district.


Confirm the following by                                                                  :



1.       Whether student is “eligible”                                                  □ Yes          □ No

2.       Whether post-secondary institution is “eligible”                    □ Yes          □ No

3.       Whether post-secondary course is “eligible”                                    □ Yes          □ No

4.       Whether post-secondary institution has accepted the student         □ Yes          □ No


(Must be all “yes” to proceed.  If not, student may initiate appeal process.)


      Confirm that district has agreement with post-secondary institution for each accepted student


(If no agreement on file, enter into agreement with post-secondary institution immediately.  If agreement on file, proceed to next step.)


      Schedule meeting with student’s advisory support team


      Confirm that advisory support team met with student