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                                                          Personal Services Contracts



The district may enter into personal services contracts with qualified professionals as provided by ORS 279.051279A.055.  Personal services contracts, as used in this policy, means contracts for specialized skills, knowledge and resources in the application of highly technical or scientific expertise or the exercise of professional, artistic or management discretion or judgment.  The district may enter into a personal services contract with a current district employee only when the individual meets independent contractor status in accordance with state, Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements.


Selection of a personal services contractor will be based primarily on qualifications and performance history, expertise, knowledge and creativity and the ability to exercise sound professional judgment.


All personal services contracts shall be based on demonstrated qualifications and competence to perform the required services, encourage competition, discourage favoritism and obtain services at a fair and reasonable price.


Contracts for personal services in excess of [$75,000150,000] shall require prior Board approval. 


The superintendent will develop administrative regulations as necessary to implement this policy.





Legal Reference(s):



             ORS Chapters 279, 279A,


             ORS 332.107

             ORS 670.600

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Internal Revenue Service Independent Contractor or Employee (IRS Publication 1779).