Writing Success Team Meeting         


December 5, 2005 Minutes


Members present:  Lacy, Young, Langan, Holst, Bettencourt, McKee, Jrobertson, Bruni, Curtis, Davis, Harstad-Bell, Kuhnhausen, Hoke.


Members absent:         Scarola


Young discussed some commonalities from the November analysis.


Young noted that he is actively looking for school districts doing well in conventions’ scores, and discussed with Ken Herman (ODE) the concept of harshness.  Herman reports that the % of students meeting standards is slowly getting increasing.


Young divided the Team into four groups to review “best practices” writing literature.  Each group read four different sets of literature, made notes on commonalities, and reconvened as a whole to discuss their findings.


The four groups reviewed:

1.      1.      Write Source, Research Base

2.      2.      Danielson, The Improvement of Student Writing:  What Research Says, and Cunningham, Research on …Writing Instruction Programs

3.      3.      Hydi, et al, A Look at the standards Documents and State Standards

4.      4.      Northwest Labs, Teaching Composition: Research on Effective Practices



The Team then listed and discussed a “Reflections on Best Practices” list.  (to be attached)


Next time:

            Team will pick up their review of “reflections.”

            Team will consider if district has tools to implement best practices

            Next meeting will be January 20, 2006 at 8:30 a.m. in the Board Room

Total meeting time:     3 hours