Math Success Team


December 5, 1005 Meeting


Members Present:         Murray, Mercer, Lampe, Christiansen, Curtis, Clancey, Worsham, J Robertson, Jones, Stuber

Member excused:         Karcher


Meeting convened at 1:00 p.m.  Agenda reviewed by Mr. Curtis


Mr. Curtis has been unable to get math data sub-sets from the state but will work with Mrs. Heiss to get the refined information he needs for HS and MS.


Mr. Curtis distributed web site addresses for math resources:  REAL, Math Instructor, and Data Driven Decision Making.


Mr. Curtis also announced that Jerry Tindal (UO Professor, College of Ed) was unable to attend our meeting as planned, but will be at the ESD supt meeting February 21.


The team then went by building to get a sense of “where we are.”  EL noted a desire to see some best-practices literature, that no specific math strands stand out as poor, that the K-5 program would benefit from a common language (text series), that each grade level seems to have different ideas on what they want for curriculum material, that from the 3rd grade on the math performance seems to “dive,” and that retention was a major issue.  HS noted weaknesses in probability and statistics strands, and will re-look their curriculum for more emphasis on probability.  MS is seeing some improvement in some areas and credits Accelerated Math as being beneficial, and their strategy of providing the first 5 minutes of class on basic skills is a retention benefit.  MS wants to make a bigger push to get students into general math to prepare them for pre- or algebra, they want to spend more time with word problems to help students decode the problem and set up the calculations (many students can work the calculations but cannot frame the math problem from the prose), the want to explore more practical applications of math, and they note that probability and statistics strands are low.  It was a revelation for the HS that prior to the scope/sequence 4 years ago some MS math teachers did not teach fractions.

The team discussed the concept of bringing math users into the classroom for practical demonstrations and also field trip possibilities, i.e. to a Corps of Engineers dam.


Next Meeting.  Mr. Curtis is going to research for trends in best practices and case specific research on retention.  Mr. Curtis will present a Private Universe lesson/demonstration to familiarize the group with the strategy.  Mr. Curtis will attempt to get the research he wants for HS MS from ODE, will bring a couple teacher-to-teacher resources. Homework assignment was made for Private Universe exercise.


Next meeting:  January 20, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.

Adjourn at 3:00                        Total contact time 2 hours