Writing Success Team             Meeting January 20, 2006


Members Present:        Young, Curtis, Langan, McKee, Bruni, Scarola, Jrobertson, Kuhnhausen, Holst, Hoke, Bettencourt, Harstad-Bell, Davis, Stuber


Meeting convened at 8:30 a.m.                       Total contact time:      3 hours


Mr. Young divided the Team into three groups so that they could summarize “what we did” and “what we discovered” in that areas of data evaluation, reflections, and best practices.  Each group then reported back to the full Team and Mr. Young will provide a compilation of those reports.


The team spent some time discussing the dilemma that writing can be viewed as the sole purview of writing or LA teachers.  The Team would like direction on how writing can be reinforced throughout the district.  The Team would like to know what strategies are being employed in districts where writing scores are high or exemplary.


The time commitment to teach writing was also discussed.  How staff might better manage the volume of paperwork associated with correcting papers and what kinds of professional development is useful in this regard were other topics today.


Next steps.  The Team will evaluate our progress to date and develop a strategy for “what needs to be done” in order to meet the goals of the team.


Next meeting March 8, 2006              8:30 a.m.