Writing Success Team Meeting

March 8, 2006


8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


Members present:        Lary, Young, Jrobertson, McKee, Bruni, Langdan, Scarola, Bettencourt, Curtis, Davis, Harstad-Bell, Kuhnhausen, Holst.

Excused:         Hoke


            Mr. Young presented some information on the Oregon Writing Project and previewed the activity planned for the day.


            WST divided into 3 groups.  Each group had a copy of the State Writing Test Results for Creswell SD, and the Creswell Writing Team summary provided by Mr. Young.  Teams met for an hour and were linked to a central receiver operated by Ms. Lary.  Based on the information presented and recollections from our previous meetings, each group developed what they felt should be the recommendations to carry forward.  As the recommendations were proposed, they were emailed to Lynn Lary who categorized the data.  The Team reconvened as one group and Ms. Lary projected the results to an overhead and the group commented on the selections.  Some editing was done by the group for clarity.


            Mr. Young is going to email the Team a composite of the categories and each group member is going to reflect on the items.  A future meeting is going to finalize the highest priorities, and develop a “next steps” process for presentation as the recommendations of the Team. 


            No meeting date was set.  Mr. Young will forward his open dates and we will pick one.