Math Success Team Meeting

March 8, 2006             1:30 – 3:00


Members present::       Christiansen, Clancey, Karcher, Lampe, Mercer, Murray, Jrobertson, Curtis, Jones, Worsham


Curtis shared information on research ideas “TONT,” Math Song Sing-a-long, What’s Important in School Math. 


Team shared ideas on our next steps.  Team was divided into two groups.  Team was to form recommendations vis-à-vis the research:  1) areas where CSD’s current program is strong, 2) the units, lessons, and content where CSD current program has gaps, 3) what the Team would consider an ideal math program for CSD/building, and 4 professional development that would improve math instruction. 


Due to time conflicts, the session wrapped up early however each team wrote their categorical recommendations on paper and ranked them.  Curtis took the data and will compile a composite list by category.  The list will be forwarded to Stuber in a Word document.  Stuber will forward the document to the Team as well as the rest of the teaching staff for input.


The Team will make recommendations and/or record other input on the document and make “return to all” other Math Team members.  We will exchange as much information as possible before the next meeting.


Next Meeting:             April 12, 2006 @ 1:00 p.m.


The April meeting will focus on writing the Team report.  There will be a prioritized list of recommendations as well as a clear delineation of responsibilities for each item and how the items will be tracked to completion.