Language Art Student Success Team Meeting February 15, 2007


Members present:  Moran, Baltrusch, Holst, Kuhnhausen, Harstad-Bell, Priddle, Scarola, Rothaar, Pelphrey, McKee, Langan, Bruni, Jrobertson, Stuber, Robert Young-ESD

Members absent:  Bettencourt, Weber

Guests:  Laura Kingsbury, HS English; and Roberta Tharp, Title I


Activity.  Wolves, by Gravett, was bravely read by Pelphrey.  The work was used to demonstrate examples of writing elements and related teaching strategies.


Demonstration.  Young showed the Team a manuscript copy from a book of his that had been edited by the publisher.  We were able to see how “real life” editing is used to enhance writing.  We then “edited” an article written by Pat Bettencourt.


Donation.  Mr. Young donated a copy of his book A Personal Tour of Mesa Verde to the Creslane Library.  Thank you.


Theory into practice.  For the past two months, Language Arts teachers k-12 have been revising existing scope and sequence as well as district learner outcomes.  These changes have been made in response to all the input they have received from their colleagues as well as reflections from aggregated data and state benchmark assessments from the district and state.  Today, each building reported on their progress.

1.      1.      Creslane.  Creslane has revamped their scope and sequence and the learner outcomes.  The brought a proof of their draft.

2.      2.      CMS.  This group has revamped and modified scope and sequence, learner outcomes, and the evaluation modes.  We examined 6th and 7th grade drafts.

3.      3.      CHS.  The HS has made some adjustments and have a finished product.  Given their success in Writing scores, not much tweaking was necessary.


Next steps. 

  1. The finished products (S/S and LO) will be emailed to the curriculum director.  They will also be forwarded to the other buildings so we can make cross-references and be abreast of what changes have occurred.  It is important to recognize that while there are a number of changes in how S/S and LO were modified, we have followed the state standards.  Another key ingredient here is that we are going to be able to track the state standards longitudinally and cross over between post 2006 and pre 2006 assessment data collections.
  2. Once we have assured ourselves that we do have a comprehensive k-12 curriculum we will finalize the documents and replace those on the district web site with the new version.
  3. Texts and supplements.  Each building team is going to determine a means for selecting texts and related supplies needed to convey the learner outcomes.  They will forward their purchase orders as soon as possible to the curriculum director.
  4. Language Arts will next be reviewed in 2013-2014.


Robert Young.  Mr. Young has been with our LA Team as an advisor, prodder, devils advocate and mentor all year.  He filled the same roles last year for our K-8 Writing Team.  He was a great asset to our groups and it was very helpful for us to have the bridge connecting our two groups.  We are very appreciative.


Thank you.  Dr. Stuber expressed mucho thanks to the group for their professional efforts in this curriculum review.  The body of work is indeed vast and complex and not easily digested.  We were fortunate to have cross-overs from the Writing Team and also fortunate to have had their input in many matters addressed by our LA Team.


Administrative details.  The bottom of the page will total the hours this committee has met.  Each person who desires to be compensated as per Article 13 needs to submit a claim to Mrs. Higdon at the district office.  Be sure your building administrator signs the claim and I will have to sign it as well once it gets to the DO.  Unless otherwise indicated, each participant is entitled to the aggregate hours.  I will list those who missed meetings and the hour length of that meeting.  In addition to the cumulative sum below, each building team may add the following hours for learner outcome work completed in the last two months:  Creslane, 8 hours; CMS, 7 hours; and CHS, 4 hours.  If you missed the building meeting, just leave the hours off your claim.  Some of you may be on other compensatory committees; if so, you are better off putting everything on one claim.


Hours this meeting:  2                         Aggregated (cumulative) hours:  9.5


Absent 2/15     Bettencourt, Weber     2 hours

Absent 12/5     Baltrusch                     3 hours

Absent 11/15   Moran                          2.5 hours

Absent 11/7