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Creslane Class Guitar

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Phone: 541-895-6179

Email: etelfer@creswell.k12.or.us

Text Box: Folk Guitar 
Has metal strings and a narrow neck.
Text Box: Electric Guitar 
A guitar that produces its sound through an amplifier and has metal strings.

Classical Guitar

Has nylon strings and a wide neck. This guitar is easier on the fingers when first learning to play.

Text Box: What Kind of Guitar Does The Student Need????

Guitars come in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full sizes. Find a size that is not too big or too small for your child.


Guitar prices can range from cheap to expensive (this is not to be confused with inexpensive to expensive). Be careful of cheap guitars. They go out of tune easily and usually do not have a good sound. This can be frustrating for a beginner.

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Due to schedule changes Creslane Class Guitar is not offered this year.